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Husband to 1, Father of 5, U.S. Army combat veteran, libertarian, and Modern Patriot passionate about political science/philosophy, internet freedom, and extending the boundaries of human potential. Favorite Meme/Quote: Question: Remind me... how many AR's did Jesus own? Answer: Not enough to avoid being murdered by the government. Ultimate Goal: To explore the boundaries of what's possible by expanding the horizons of what's known. It's impossible to do this when big tech. (Google, Facebook, etc.) Have a monopoly on the worlds information and how it's disseminated. So long as, they determine what information gets shared, how it's shared, and who gets to see it... ...the truth becomes whatever they want it to be. As the old adage goes... "knowledge is power." This is why we MUST declare Digital Independence: With this said, "knowing" is still only "half the battle." We must declare Digital Independence and leave the tyranny of the big tech. matrix, not just in "theory," but in action. It must affect the services we use from day to day. No Google products... NONE! Yes Google owns YouTube 馃槪 No Facebook... PERIOD. Yes Facebook owns Instagram 馃槶 Yes, you stop using Gmail and create a ProtonMail account: Yes, you stop "Googling" things and use Duck, Duck, Go: Don't think you can live without Google? Most importantly, "sharing" is still a form of "caring" (unless it's an STD or communicable disease, of some sort) for others. Encourage your friends/family to use the growing list of 3rd party providers that respect our right to privacy, and aren't trying to monetize our information, or even worse... weaponize it against us!

Project Censored
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The news that didn't make the news

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This channel features educational, spiritual and thought provoking videos relating to END TIMES, BIBLE PROPHECY and the NEW WORLD ORDER. Be sure to check out my Youtube channel here --

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Co-founder Minds, Inc.

Feb 2020
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