Chef. An enthusiast for all foods which cause your mood to soar. Full spectrum foods and more. Im also an advocate for severe pain patients, and living an opiate free life. If you or someone you know needs help kicking an addiction contact me, ill be happy to help free of charge.
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all the parts of me
This is my religion (for lack of any better terminology right now), it is my spirituality and my life, this religion is older than many and is written in the rocks by those who walked through Earth long before us all, but at the same time it is brand new and reborn in us all, it is the tree and the roots, the frog and the toad, the flora and funga, the wind and the rain in the sky, the Earth and every creature on it, including you. Are you ready to seek the truth inside yourself yet?
Just a zen goddess in a trippy den with supplies for ya eyez 🧠👁💥🌈🪐👽🌻😂🤸🏽‍♀️💐😉😚🤣🤗
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May 2021
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