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I love my parents and siblings 💖💖💖
Internet, social networks, Youtube, Twitter, MeWe, Facebook, movies, traveling, eating out, motels, travel the world, retired living Interests: Improving retirements, traveling, meeting foreign women, girls, philosophy, sociology, documentaries, karaoke, nightlife, Favorite music: Rock, pop, disco, pop, punk, grunge, classic country, classic rock, southern rock, folk, bluegrass, soul Favorite movies: Action, drama, true stories, science fiction, horror Favorite TV shows: News, documentaries, Favorite books: Economic, Social trends, geopolitics, Favorite games: None Favorite quotes: Lead me, follow me or get out of my way. Money flows first, Never become a fanatic about anything. Make the best of the present, use the past as a reference, plan for your future from the lessons you learn in life's journey. About me: About me, single, retired from the army. I am 58 and Married 2x, one was Korean, the other from Laos, Universal in thought, logic, reason, and critical thinking. Want to spend more time enhancing my retirements. Like to travel, beach towns, beaches, seafood, would like to live in another tropical country. internet, reading, keeping up with world news, investing, eating out, like meeting people from different cultures. Freethinker, free-spirited. like music, karaoke, economics, and social trends in the world, geopolitics. Nutrition, and herbs, multicultural. My music likes are rock, pop, country, bluegrass, smooth jazz, funk, disco, folk, soft rock, southern rock, classic rock. Libra and born under the sign of the rat. Born on John Lennon's birthday and born the year Kennedy was elected. Global Democracy 64%, Global Freedom and Peace 62%, Global Socialism 61%, Global Environmentalist 56%, Global Independent 48%, Global Republic 46%, Global Constitution 39% Legalize drugs and get rid of the thugs, legalize prostitution, and outlaw pimps and gangs. Bailout the citizen like you did the big financial institutions The world is a market of what sells and what does not in ideas, exchanges, products, and services according to supply and demand and not to be restricted by prohibition, isolationist, fanatics, extremist, old institutions that live in the past of ancient reference to the modern times. Wars, conflict, and anything that hinders progress and global commerce flow is obsolete. Never become fanatical about anything, lead me to follow me or get the hell out of the way, keep it simple stupid if it is not broke, don't fix it. A woman is a caretaker of our future of our children, they should be treated with the utmost respect and not according to a religious doctrine Against Immigration manipulation, stiffer rules. Illegal drug manipulation, Law Inc, the wall, tight border. Healthcare price manipulation, illegal drugs, non-importation from legal drugs abroad, drug war, etc. Oil price manipulation, wars, conflicts, OPEC, petrodollar, etc. We had strict prohibitions in the 1920s, lasted pretty well til the bottom fell out in 1929, filtered out the greedy, jumping out the window and killing themselves, filtered out nationalism across the globe, World War 2, and here we are again! Religion should be no part of a government and never forced upon a population or civilization. The world is a market of ideas, such as religion and ideologies, The way I think: I think money matters, don't tread on my freedoms, I can be mysterious, regenerate quickly, radiate worth and being happy, excited, visionary, no boredom, the past you learn from and use it as a reference for the now and future. don't like being bogged down by others, realistic, practical, its all about the mind, very shrewd, communication is important, deep thinker, big heart, listener, nature, current events, sky's the limit, love music, karaoke I feel my way around, I give it my all, I stand my ground, respect, beliefs are practical, diplomatic, set my own standards, it's my journey, express myself when needed, desires are important, passionate, I let my conscience be my guide, can adapt quickly, backup plans to backup plans, look ahead, look behind to see who's behind you, understanding, take charge, good natured, good cheer, like parties, Internet guidances over human guidance, independent, prideful, a listener, self-confident, self-motivator, leadership ability, strong-willed, not swayed too easy, positive, success is important, don't stick to something to long, research the answer before going forward, youthful appearance, sense of humor, never run out of ideas, quick to put others to ease, refined, gentle, strong-willed and away. Do not like control freaks, religious fanatics, cons, users, or money-grubbers R
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Making music is what I love. I spend a lot of time on observing which I then transform into sound. My creations are #ambient #atmospheric #soundscapes with #drone elements. > listen: don't be afraid · make choices · be present · r e c o n n e c t
Professional expert in Bitcoin Mining and forex trading.... Also a pilot in USA . Am a single man .
Jun 2020
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