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Undocumented Kekistani currently hiding in Canuckistan. Many thanks to the following supporters! 50+ Tokens @crackingtrack43 10+ Tokens: @Kitch23 @Marketoff @BluePaw 5+ Tokens: @GGeronimo @BluePaw 1+ Tokens: @TheStrike @KEK_Freedom @Phynster @TheStrike @deadmoroz @Sonic132 @Jim270 @breadmoth @YoSniper @breadmoth @KEK_Freedom @Classic_Realism @SeanL3prechaun @NoahNicholson @AllOfMyLifebwtime @WesternSpirit @IndianaJames Part of a Token: @Uncensored007 And most of all, thanks to ALL of you for the comments, likes and reminds!

Genome Studios is an infant entertainment media production company specializing in Interactive Web development, animation, comics and game development. Our flagship project is currently the "Some Peoples Kids" series freely accessible at: We're also developing an arena combat board game, freely playable here: Come follow us as we develop and grow as a company and provide incredibly unique experiences and entertainment! Want to be more involved? Give your support? Check out our Patreon for Get Rich: All purchases, contributions and patronage will be invested into making ALL Genome Studios projects free for all and without ads.

Punk Rock,RAP,Hardcore,Skateboarding,Surfing, Graffiti Art,Books and Movies

I believe in free thought, free expression, and individualism. If you are feeling generous, please donate: BTC - 18q9hbxi3ogYVRQVULpUucj5TrwY5abjDi LTC - LhmyRDMG9WddYqo8AbhHZcbc2X226xjDtw ETH - 0x2Ac156ccB68F01EBe5Ca0A1b0bF869227E00Cd48

Jun 2015
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