Monique Jolie

Internet Activist

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Social political commentator, dancer and costumer, professional drunk. social therapist

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Global Rebel #ExtinctionRebellion Si pas toi, qui? / If not us, who? Si pas maintenant, quand? / If not now, when? ✊ Rebellons nous. Rebel for Life 💥 Rejoignez-nous ! Join us Now! #Tellthetruth #ActNow #BeyondPolitics #RebelforLife

Écrivain (cherche compte d'éditeur chez un éditeur) - astrologue - ésotériste (École Arcane) - Nouveau Groupe des Serviteurs du Monde - Bonne Volonté Mondiale - Triangles - chats - animaux - nature.

Musician and engineer in quest for knowledge, understanding and peace

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Peace & Love Enthusiastic cryptographer beginner Some time ago I was an ecological operator when one summer afternoon I saw a film about cryptographic codes whose title and actors I don't remember but the plot does. As soon as the film finished I started looking for a bit of everything on the net about encryption and I found above all RSA that since then (6 years) I have been trying to take it apart. I am a self-taught person so I have not received pay for 6 years and my work will always be available to everyone. If you have something to donate for my studies and you want to donate anonymously: BTC 3M91aGGE746GAgTPVPFodKS25mDvK2Q8PT ETH 0xE9FD828E97d6355A357c06f68128540d2b93e416 [sorry for my english] ******************************************* Fan: Hilbert Bill Gates Ronald Rivest Alessandro Panconesi Obsure Fan Of: Dennis Ritchie & Ken Thompson ****************************************** thank you @diginess @gangstermailsexy @Lowther @Israphel ***************************************** On minds since JUL 13, 2016 *****************************************

Jul 2019
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