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Like to read, like to write, like to aquascape. Also into weird 80's music (DEVO and Oingo Boingo especially). Currently querying agents for a 78k word sci-fi novel. You can find me on Parler and Sharfly, and my website is

{author} (freelance writer) -editor- [ghostwriting extraordinaire] #writerforhire P O R T F O L I O ⬇️

i make da arts ( ・∀・)✏️ | Links:

Son, husband, father, free thinker, and more. This platform will mostly be dedicated to sharing/promoting my short stories and novel ideas, I hope you enjoy it. However, I do engage other people's posts. If you want to see how my writing has developed check out Tenshi by E.S. Johnson; my first published material incredibly amateur and terrible. I am pro-freedom, anti-censorship, pro believe what want, and live your life unless it causes harm or interferes with others who do not wish to be interfered with. You can't have the 1st Amendment without protection from the 2nd.

Prompted To Write
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🍃Hey, I’m Amber! Welcome to my little corner of the web. I’m a Christian, wife to @RubenRavatsaas, mama, and YA writer who loves writing prompts. 🍃My personal account @amberravatsaas 🍃

Author – Lady Merreth adventures, fantasy without magic; leather-clad heroines with sword & whip | Interests: animation, book trailers, sci-fi, XCOM, Civ

My name is Julie Tyler. I am a storyteller, book coach, academic-turned-entrepreneur, crypto-enthusiast, reader, dancer, and content creator. I am here to empower writers to tell their stories, celebrate the world's finest creators, engage in civil discussions of events around the world, and participate in a new social media movement. I am honored to lift up my voice and offer the world my gifts.

Jordan Peterson
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Canadian clinical psychologist, cultural critic, and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto.

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Jan 2021
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