ModelDezign is a team of really passionate designers and our aim is to help people by providing free learning content on our channel. We also provide many high quality free and paid 3D models which you can download in all major file formats from our 3D model library: We also provide a custom modelling service where our team will design anything for you. From a piece of furniture all the way to an entire house:
Indy 3D Art & Writing Goals: Build brands that are fueled by mainstream media arrogance and mold cast pop culture control, via sarcasm. Output = Relevant Comedy Series, PC Console Games, VR experiences that create change via the oppositions inability to take a joke.
Environment Artist in gamedev industry
Green-Conservative, Christian, Vegan
3D artist in Los Angeles, CA Check out my store for prints :
I mostly work as a bartender & a waiter. I really like cashew nuts & martial arts. I'm into reading, gaming, photography & a bit into cooking. My all-time favorite shows are Game of Thrones & Rick & Morty.
On a life-long mission to create the World's Largest Pipe Organ Arrangements Library. 270+ Arrangements made thus far. Sheet Music Arrangements on my Musescore profile (between YT and Twitter Links below).
Hello there, traveler! I'm MarschelArts. A illustrator and Character Designer by trade and storyteller by heart. Come, sit by the fire and listen to a story or two. Maybe you have to tell one yourself?
I'm Ryan. 21. Libertarian Conservative. 日本語を勉強中です。Likes: music, black metal, playing drums, playing bass, anime, games, manga, horror films, history, reading, the occult.
Jonathan Jackson Streamer/Content Creator Primetime fps streamer for your living room. Twitch Kittens community member. Insta: MGzozi inq: [email protected]
Apr 2019
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