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Free roaming drifter with heart So I'm homeless, I dropped everything I had going on in AZ to follow my heart and drive to PA. I've been living in my car and couch surfing the last 11 months. I've tried working a couple jobs but they were just more stressful than they were worth. So I gave up on the rat race and I'm trying to see and do as much as I can regardless of having no job and living in my car. I am chronicling my whole story right here on minds to show the world you can be happy and do whatever you want without succumbing to the way of life the system tries to trick you into living. If you have love in your heart you can make anything possible My BCH wallet: qpumh3fjemaafe5ylkmzm3hk4j6h7gfecqcpg7phwn My BTC wallet: 1C6fhipn46hFF8SodRzm4hUMHstyzavZNy

I am a proud American, a former Soviet Jew, a patriot, and an IT professional. 鈥淪ocialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.鈥 鈥淭he inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.鈥 鈥 Winston Churchill

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Truth Hides in Darkness, Until the Coming of The Light; Look and See, a New Dawn is Rising; The Sun Heralds the Return of Pride in Truth and Life and Light. Be this House like a Beacon in The Darkness, and a Place of Refuge for Seekers of Truth and Life through The Word. Telos: To help Build and Maintain a Community dedicated to Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Enlightenment and Empowerment. The Blackrock Beacon is the Minds-centric social-media platform for the non-profit "Center for Holistic Enlightenment and Empowerment", incorporated in FL. 鉁咅煉 馃敾 Scroll Down for Links to stuff (updates periodically) 馃敾 Psst. Hey, you, wanna buy some merch? 馃挷BRB Media Store: 馃摍Substack: (articles; developing content / looking for writers!) 馃敶Odysee: (On-Ground Coverage Stuff; Developing/Hiring) 馃煝RUMBLE: (Under Construction; Developing/Hiring) 猸旴ITCHUTE: (Under Construction; yada yada) Don鈥檛 have a Minds or Odysee account yet? 馃挕MINDS Referral: 馃敶Odysee Referral:$/invite/@The.Blackrock.Beacon:8:

Odds and Ends #freespeach #goodnews #family #guns #music #tits #nature #fisktanks #art #memes #gaming And a healthy dose of Fuck The Government If you can walk and chew gum we will get along.

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musicas MPB e outras; paisagens; memes; sarcasmos, nfsw e outros

Be It Me Not You is a #photography #company set up by the #freelance #photographer Michael Burgess. Michael has had over 17 years worth of experience

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