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In loving memory of Natalie 'Little 脜ska' 釠夅洬氓ska釠洘 釠娽殺釟踞洬釠佱泭釠殾釠栣洬釠氠泚釟丰毢釠忈洬釠熱殸釠殾釠栣洬釟贯洘釟贬洑釠 釠炨泚釟贯泚釟踞洊釠佱洬釠掅洘釟贯洬釠忈洘釠殾釠栣洬釠洖釠栣毑釟贬洊釠 Sun is the light of the world I bow to the divine decree. Pagan. Isa thirst of lost waters birth. P氓 den nordiska halv枚n fanns en g氓ng en vacker tjej uppkallad efter Yule of Justice Winter Festival. P氓 en tid som 氓nderna blir gamla, var hon en ny str枚m som sjelen sprang djupt och hj盲rtat smalt. Hon var sn盲ll om du kom p氓 hennes v盲g, hon skulle l氓ta dig korsa l盲tt, men om du glider, akta dig, kan hennes djup och 氓skande str枚mmar l盲tt drunkna dig. En dag k盲mpade en ren ochre trolldomare och namngiven av r盲ttvisa "just" under fallna stenblock n盲r nya str枚mvatten f枚rflyttade jorden frig枚r tr枚len men svepte honom i hennes djupa och isiga vatten, men hon l盲t inte honom drunkna. Hon virvlade runt och f枚rde honom till hennes 枚s strand. N盲r han f枚rstod hur hon hade r盲ddat hans liv, b枚rjade han bli k盲r i hennes kristallklara, men 盲nd氓 djupa och skuggade vatten. Han r盲ckte ut f枚r att r枚ra vid henne, hon r盲ckte tillbaka och h枚ll fast vid honom, som solens ljus p氓 jorden, han k盲nde henne sval v盲rme. S氓 fascinerad av hennes renhet, f枚rdjupade han honom sj盲lv i henne och blev djup f枚r盲lskad. Hon k盲nde och k盲nde hans k盲rlek, hon till盲t honom att stranda sina banker med stenblock som han hoppades skulle ge henne styrka f枚r hon var livet sj盲lvt. F枚r henne, b枚rdan av hennes egen grova, som gett upp av sin mamma f枚rlorat l盲nge, k盲nde hon sig svag. Hon gav allt hon kunde, men nedstr枚ms missbrukades och f枚rsummades hennes vatten. Han k盲mpade f枚r att tr枚sta henne, men han visste inte vad han skulle g枚ra. Hon uppmanade Frejas ande, han uppmanade andens dr, men ingen kunde hj盲lpa. Men de hade sin k盲rlek att h氓lla dem bundna. Tr貌l f枚rs枚kte flytta stenblock f枚r hennes str盲nder men hon var l氓ngt borta f枚r hans anstr盲ngningar, allt han kunde g枚ra var att n氓 en liten del av henne, hennes hj盲rta. Tyv盲rr kom den 枚desdigra dagen, hennes vatten runnit torrt, hon var bara ett lur i leran, det fanns ingenting den r盲ttf盲rdiga mannen kunde g枚ra men v盲nta och hoppas, han blev ocks氓 svag och ledsen tills hon en dag inte var mer. Fr氓n den tiden blev mannen 氓skan i hennes vatten och spillde sitt eget blod och f枚rs枚kte ge henne liv. Vad som kommer att komma av det 盲r 盲nnu inte ber盲ttat. English---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Of the Nordic peninsula there was once a beautiful girl named for the Yule of righteous winter festival. In a time the spirits grow old, she was a new stream who's soul ran deep and heart narrow. She was kind if you came upon her path, she would let you cross easy, but if you slip, beware, her depths and thundering currents could easily drown you. One day, a pure ogre conjurer "trollkarl" and named of justice "just and fair" was struggling beneath fallen boulders when new stream waters moved the earth freeing the tr枚l but sweeping him into her deep and icy waters, but she did not let him drown. She swirled around and brought him to her islands shore. As he was comprehending how she had saved his life, he began to fall in love with her crystal clear, yet deep and shadowed waters. He reached out to touch her, she reached back and clung to him, like the suns light upon the earth, he felt her cool warmth. So enthralled with her cleanness, he immersed him self in her, falling deep in love. She knew and felt his love, she allowed him to shore her banks with boulders that he hoped would give her strength for she was life its self. For her, the burden of her own coarse, spawned of her mother long lost, she felt weak. She gave all she could, but down stream her waters were abused and neglected. He struggled to comfort her, but he didn't know what to do. She called upon the spirit of Freja, he called upon the spirit of 脪dr but none could help. But they had their love to hold them bound. The tr貌l tried to move boulders for her shores but she was far to distant for his efforts, all he could do was to reach a small part of her, her heart. Sadly, the fateful day came, her waters ran dry, she was but a trickle in the mud, there was nothing the just man could do but wait and hope, he too grew weak and sad until one day she was no more. From that time, the man became the thunder of her waters, spilling his own blood trying to give her life. What is to come of it is yet to be told. I love you Natalie!

Aug 2019
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