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Si algo de lo que hago es recurso para encontrar tu mejor versión, todo lo que soy estará comprometido a acompañarte. Un enfoque transdisciplinario de herramientas aplicadas a un proceso de coherencia, transparencia, re-conocimiento y autovaloración que capacitan al individuo para que sea capaz de cambiar su observación del mundo, acceder a sus más profundos niveles de conciencia y sabiduría interior, liderar sus pensamientos, y diseñar su mundo emocional entrenando su aprendizaje hasta llevarlo a un estado de empoderamiento, balance y asertividad. Entendiendo que no se trata sólo de su mente racional, o su fisiología, ni de su psicología, o su energía, sino de la danza armoniosa y sinérgica de cada una de esas facetas.
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Lover of freedom. Pro-nationalist, pro-freedom, pro-trump, pro-borders, pro-bmw, pro-conservative, pro-gun, pro-capitalism, pro-constitution, anti-liberal, anti-feminist, anti-globalist, anti-communist, anti-lbgtqrxz, anti-islam, anti-diversity, anti-sjw, anti-immigration. Conservative concerned about the state of affairs in the globalist-infected, liberal-infested western world which is being overrun by migrant invaders and destroyed by a genocidal globalist plot to destroy western society.
PSECmedia consists of Paradigm Shift an Educational Comedy (PSEC) and Pondscape. PARADIGM SHIFT AN EDUCATIONAL COMEDY Documentary, Live Streams, Commentary and more! A mix of satire comedy and seriousness to assist in helping humanity in steering its course away from the Collective Stockholm Syndrome that it has been addicted to for countless thousands of years. We're not everyone's cup of tea but if we've helped you retain any of your remaining sanity -- we are grateful! Believe nothing. Disbelieve nothing. Observe, make up your own mind and think critically. We are here to present perspectives for discussion, not hop on any band wagons. Therefore, this channel might inspire you, offend you or a little bit of both. Paradigm Shift an Eductational Comedy was started in 2010 by Dave Kelso and his (at the time) girlfriend. As an aspect of their breakup, the before mentioned girlfriend wishes to be neither seen nor acknowledged in any PSEC content, which is why there is a completely missing 2010 Season. Therefore the official first season of PSEC is Season 2011. Between the years of 2011 and 2014, what we refer to as "The PSEC Crew" started to form. This term is a name given to something with its own momentum that we're merely observing, it is not something you can "apply to be a part of". It is not a group, as such. Initially, this momentum of participants included Dave Kelso (and by proxy Walter Kelso and Katie Pfursich), Katerina Marie Edwards, Jay Larson, Richard Hamilton and Kristen Meyer. Over time, this expanded to also include Paul Roy, Krista Pohl and Jasamine Martin. In 2015, Jay Larson died. In 2020, Katerina Marie Edwards withdrew her participation in PSEC, indefinitely. Dave Kelso and Richard Hamilton have been the solid core of the productions. Everyone else has had a tendency to float in and out as schedules and life circumstances permit. PONDSCAPE Pondscape has existed since 2008, predating PSEC itself. In 2006, Dave and Walter Kelso completed their outdoor pond in the back yard. In 2009, construction of an indoor pond in the basement began. Though to this day the indoor pond is still heavily under construction, it didn't take very long to at least get it to the point of being able to start putting some fish in it. The basement already consisted of a great many fish tanks. Walter Kelso has been breeding fish since he was a kid and Dave Kelso, his son, started participating in that process when he was a kid. The purpose of Pondscape was originally to raise fish for fun, as well as sell them to the local fish stores (pets, not eatable). In 2008, Pondscape expanded into the online world with videos on YouTube, and is starting the process of expanding into alt.tech as main stream censorship continues to become increasingly more insane, as well as all independent creators being shadowbanned and algorithmicly suppressed in favor of main stream search results within the various search engines. OTHER CONTENT: We also upload third party content (creative commons, fair use, etc) for several reasons: #1 - to increase awareness of channels, projects, etc that we feel people need to know about and hopefully subscribe to #2 - to archive important videos, especially from sites like YouTube, as an anti-censorship measure and #3 - of course fun memes, clips and other fair use and creative commons stuff. If we have mistaken your content for creative commons / fair use and you find it here and you don't want it here, please don't get #triggered and flag it. Simply just ask us to remove it and we will, so that we know to never upload any of your content here ever again. We're not mind readers. Thanks!
♀️Love to do gardening, playing, shopping and watching TV.
Apr 2017
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