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Vietnam Long Dress & Traditional Fashion

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Inferno is a deflationary currency that facilitates an increase in the value of the token by decreasing the supply with every transaction by burning 1%.

“If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.” ― Sun Tzu

MindsfulDevs - group for game developers who know it's not "just games", but a powerful, valuable expression tool, like no other so far in human history: (A bit empty thus far, you're welcome to join if you are a dev and understand the description.) ---- Aspiring indie game developer. Hypercreative mind, hypoactive body/person. Motivation issues. Frequent feelings of pathological loneliness and alienation. Multimedia person: programmer, dabbling 3d artist and animator, dabbling music producer, loves game design and player/user/group/general psychology. Wannabe movie/game/society critic.

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