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Indy 3D Art & Writing Goals: Build brands that are fueled by mainstream media arrogance and mold cast pop culture control, via sarcasm. Output = Relevant Comedy Series, PC Console Games, VR experiences that create change via the oppositions inability to take a joke.
Daily satire poking fun at the far-left and SJW culture. It's like The Onion, but for mocking liberal extremists and outrage culture. Articles posted almost-daily here and at http://triggerweek.com
🍄🍨Mixed bag of treats🍨🍄 Photo taker and photography admirer. Beauty seer. Spiritual goddess. Nature wonderer. Free spirit treasure finder. Truth speaker. Lover of the Moon. The poet & artist. Punk. Creator of life. Peace maker. Tree hugger. Bohemian badass. Lover of the dark & gothic. Gemini. Freak. ☆ZEF2DEF☆ ☆FLAMEONMOTHERFUCKERS☆ ☆PUFFPUFFPASS☆ ☆ASMF☆
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Greetings Everyone! I am a avid gamer and anti-SJW. I will either link to my videos on YouTube or will post videos directly to here. Please visit my Patreon if you have a couple of dollars to spare.
Independent record label from Askøy, Norway.
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