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Alpha Psi Omega, Theta Alpha Phi and Pi Beta Sigma

Where are the lies? And how do we obtain the truth? For such we may risk our very lives. I have a group that is open to anyone to join, but will be moderated to keep things mostly on topic. Feel free to come and look, join, invite others and make your own posts. If you are a fan of weapons, have survival tactics to share or are interested in learning them, homesteading, wish to learn of hand to hand combat, alternatives to healthcare and household items, and more, come check it out. Shining light into dark corners to reveal what lurks therein. neither liberal or conservative, I stand on my own two feet, thank you for your concern though, political parties. Although I could easily be classed as "right-leaning", even that is not quite true. I stand against evil, and that can come from anyone, that is my party line. I do not ask that you believe, to the letter, all that you find here. But do take into consideration how this may involve your life and that of others. This channel isn't about pushing a narrative. It's about showing as much info in video or text form as I, with the help of others, am able. Of course, I will have my inherit bias towards certain matters, will promote those opinions, and will speak on those here and there. All in all though, information is more important, and it's not really about what I have to say about anything. Topics below will be controversial(what this place is for, right?) so disagreement is expected but discussion is welcome and warranted on content. We should not just view this content but engage others with it. Opinions and theories expressed herein are solely those of the commentators within. Question for and seek the truth; take no man at just their word. A thank you and appreciation to all who view and interact with this page. I share subscription as well, so subscribe to me and I'll do the same for you, if I don't happen to forget to do so, lol.

I Wear The Crown of The King of Corn Dogs!!!

Freedom Lover. Enjoying life with my wife and dogs!

Professional Photographer | Retoucher | Instructor | Coffee Addict | Bourbon Lover

mithril maintainer meme goth they/them 🧢-adjacent but very libertarian also #justiceforjohnnydepp #amberheardisanabuser my twitter is a giant idk that's somewhere between a social activist and shitpost account but who knows what my minds might evolve to 🤷‍♀️ if you're on twitter you might have once known me as @isiahmeadows1 - i'm changing my name and updating that in stages (i have about a dozen sites i have to update all at once)

NOT MONETIZED! Heart-based service! <3 Intstagram: http:/ Twitch: Youtube: de-monetized unconditional love.

I am the 45..46? 57 President of the Armenia. I thank my great grandfather for voting foe me.

Just smoking weed at the park, waiting out the whole "virus" thing. Check out the CryptoTab browser, and earn Bitcoins IN THE BROWSER while surfing or just watching videos online!

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Erotic Digital Art Kora Lovelace, the demon girl, and her friends. You can see Kora's illustrations but be sure you want to see her nudes and lesbian pics. I would not like to offend you. 💖Best Patrons💖 @SGTHoc @Firefly76 🥰Thanks a lot for ur donations! 💕

You should have the freedom to do whatever the he'll you want as long as you don't infringe on the freedom of others. For instance I'm smoking weed right now, what concern is it of yours.

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Mar 2020
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