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Minds+ & Pro earning program upgrades explained

MindsSep 18, 2023, 9:07:37 PM

Minds+ is the only subscription service of its kind that's built for creators like you. It connects you with exclusive, premium content from other creators, expands your reach, and gives you more ways to earn with your content. Today we're announcing upgrades to the Minds+ earning program that expand the potential to earn even more, and bring earnings more within reach for everyone.

But before we get into what's new, let's talk about why we're making these changes.

Current program shortcomings

The current Minds+ earning program has served us for years, but it has its shortcomings. Under the current program, 25% of Minds+ revenue gets shared back to the community to reward the most-upvoted paywalled content. These are issues with this system as we see them, and as echoed back to us by the community after interviewing hundreds of members:

  • Incentivize easy upvote content instead of premium content
  • The 25% pool creates competition among members
  • Is not incentivizing sustainable growth
  • Not everyone earns
  • Only 25% of revenue is shared – we want to share more

In short, the current program isn't incentivizing the premium content and growth we and members envision for Minds+. So the current program will sunset on October 1, 2023. Meanwhile, we're spinning up new programs that're already active today.

The new programs

Last month we announced the Minds affiliate program. The Minds+ earning program builds off of this, increasing the revenue share for Minds+ from 25% to 45%. Here's how it works:

Your paywalled content appears in the Newsfeeds of your subscribers. Minds+ members can see the content, and non-members see an "Unlock" button. When a non-member clicks the "Unlock" button and then joins to Minds+, you get credited as the referrer, netting you 45% of their subscription and growing the Minds+ community in the process. So make sure your content is enticing and worth unlocking!

Exclusive Superminds

Referring new members isn't the only way to earn. Over the past weeks, you may have noticed us testing out a new tool in our arsenal, Community Superminds. And Minds+ members get even more Superminds.

Superminds are prompts that generate discussions on Minds. As a Minds+ member, you'll regularly receive Supermind offers in your inbox. Simply respond to the prompt to collect a reward, which can come both in the form of tokens you can use to Boost or tip, as well as cash.

Boost credits

If that isn't enough of a reason to join Minds+, we've just rolled out another big upgrade to make the subscription worth more than it cost. Minds+ subscribers get regular drops of cash Boost credits that can be used to Boost your content, channels, and groups. Learn more about this benefit in this article: Boosting the value of Minds+ and Pro

Minds Pro

We're making similar changes to the Minds Pro earning program. Minds Pro subscribers get the same access to publishing Minds+ content for the reach and affiliate earnings potential. And in addition to the exclusive Superminds for Minds+ members, Minds Pro subscribers get even more exclusive Superminds.

Additionally, Minds Pro subscribers get even more from Boost credits. Pro members get either $50 per month in Boost credits, or $480 per year, which means the subscription effectively pays for itself.

To make room for these new programs, we're also sunsetting the old Minds Pro earnings related to pageviews and signup referrals on October 1, 2023. These programs haven't resulted in the growth we wanted from them and overlap with our new Boost Partner Program. That said, if you're a Pro creator and have ideas to help grow the Minds community, get in contact with us. We're very open to creative opportunities.

Our goal is to create sustainable revenue streams that promote quality contributions and growth of the Minds network, and reward the people contributing. Our new monetization programs let us accomplish that, and raise the total revenue share from 25% to 45% -- or more. As we try on these new programs, let us know what works for you so we can all learn together 💪