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Minds launches unprecedented 45% commission on ad and subscription revenue to create distributed sales force

InfoMay 2, 2023, 10:17:46 PM

The Minds Affiliate Program enables you to earn by referring customers to paid services on Minds as well as creators and other affiliates. Here's how it works.


Earn 45% of net proceeds for all purchases of Boosts and subscriptions (Minds+ and Pro) you refer. Here's an example:

You refer a customer to purchase a Boost for $100. After we pay fees to services like Stripe, App Store, and Google Play Store, let’s call the remaining proceeds $80. You would net 45% of the remaining proceeds – or $36 in this example.

If you already referred your friends to Minds, now you have extra incentive to get them boosting or subscribed. 

Affiliate referrals

When you refer a new user, you get 5% of the rewards from the referrals they make (making it a two-layered affiliate program).  For every Boost or Minds+/Pro subscription they sell to another user, you earn 5% of what they earn. Here's an example:

You refer a friend to join Minds. They use the affiliate program to refer another user who purchases an annual Minds+ subscription for $60. They earn ~$22.50 (after fees) as part of the affiliate program, and YOU earn $1.13 every time they do that. 

So you earn 45% of all sales from direct referrals, and 5% of all sales from second layer referrals. 

Creator referrals

Referring creators who monetize on Minds will earn you 5% of what they earn through creator programs like Supermind, memberships, and tips. Here's an example:

You refer a popular creator to join Minds. They earn $1,000 in a month from fans sending them Superminds and joining their membership tiers. After transaction fees, they keep $850, and for referring them to Minds you earn $42.50 for the month.

How to: Sign-up referrals

For referring new sign-ups.

Want to start earning as an affiliate? Share your referral link with someone who doesn't yet have a Minds account and you'll be credited as their sign-up referrer. Go to settings and scroll to Affiliate Program. Then click the yellow Invite and Earn button to generate your unique referral link.

Send this link to a friend or creator and gain rewards as their referrer for 1 year from sign-up. AND this will enable you to earn when they refer other users through affiliate sales and/or creator monetization programs.


How to: Click referrals

For referring (current Minds members.

Share your referral link with someone who already has a Minds account and you'll be credited as the click referrer for any purchases of Boosts and subscriptions (Minds+ and Pro) they make for the next 72 hours. Visit the Affiliate Program page and scroll to Total Earnings where you click the Earn with Link button.

This link is good for targeting current Minds users who don’t already use Boost or the subscription options, and it works for 72 hours. You can find inactive Minds members, get them boosting and get paid. Note that if they click another referral link within that time frame, the credited referrer will go to the last link they clicked before purchasing. 

If you are the sign-up referrer, but they use a click referral link from somebody else before making a purchase, that click referral will override your signup referral for 72 hours after click. 

Want to earn? Click here to get started.