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Minds Pro: A New Revenue Model For Creators

MindsNov 27, 2019, 6:25:37 PM


Our team has been heads down in the lab developing open source technology that we believe can change the world. Our goal, as always, is to provide you with a platform that enables the free exchange of ideas, respects your digital rights and fairly compensates you for your contributions to the network.

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of our newest product and a major step towards achieving our goal, Minds Pro (Beta). We look forward to hearing your feedback.

What is Pro?

Pro is a new revenue model for creators and brands to get paid for bringing their networks over to Minds. All Pro channels will immediately start earning real money for driving pageviews and referring new users or customers.

In addition, Pro unlocks the ability for you to morph your Minds channel into a complete website with your own custom domain or a sub-domain we provide for you. This feature gives you customization on Minds like never before and allows you to focus on promoting and growing your brand.

What are the benefits of Pro?

Get paid for your pageviews and referrals

You all deserve to be rewarded for contributing to the growth of the Minds network. Pro channels will earn revenue in the currency of their choice for pageviews registered on your content and referring active users or customers. You can keep track all of your earnings, traffic and engagement in our new analytics console.

New analytics console to track your key metrics

As a Pro channel, you will earn:

- $1 for every 1,000 pageviews on your content (increases to $5 between 100K and 1M pageviews)

- $0.10 per active user you refer

- 25% commission on any referred sale of Pro or Minds Tokens

For more tips on how to make money through Pro, please read our blog highlighting the best practices.

Launch your own website

We want you to be able to focus on building up your own brand. Pro channels are given the option to morph their channel into a complete website with a custom domain or subdomain we provide. You can use your own custom logo, newsfeed, categories, footer, background, color themes and more. Join forces with our existing network of millions of minds.

Subverse.net  --- one of our flagship Pro channels

Receive tips and subscription payments directly from your fans

All channels are able to receive direct payments from your fans in USD, Bitcoin, Ether or Minds Tokens for tips or paid subscriptions. Minds offers both centralized and decentralized payment options in order to ensure everyone can participate without fear of unfair demonetization. You can manage all of your transactions and earnings in your Wallet

Enable your channel to start receiving payments in USD, Bitcoin, Ether or Minds Tokens

Perfect for All Types of Creators

Minds allows you to create content in many different forms. As a Pro channel, you are provided the ability to upload image and video files up to 60 minutes in length, 5 GB in size and 1080p in definition. In addition, you can publish your own blogs with our easy-to-use editor or post simple statuses or links to external media or articles.

Our new media modal for your videos, photos or blogs

Why does Pro matter?

As you probably are aware, there is an advertising monopoly wreaking havoc on the Internet and traditional social networks. These ad networks are infected with malicious spyware and proprietary algorithms that decide who can and cannot earn revenue based on policies that are disconnected from the First Amendment and fair business standards.

This behavior is trickling down into other essential parts of online monetization, such as payment processing. People are losing their livelihoods overnight due to the whims of big tech companies and Silicon Valley. Channels have been kicked off of monetization platforms entirely simply for being too small or having opinions that are not deemed to be ‘commercially viable’.

However, providing the ability for people to promote their ideas to new audiences or exchange money directly with one another for goods or services online is essential in order for humanity to innovate and evolve. The problem is that the technologies being used for these services today are based entirely on surveillance, manipulative algorithms and proprietary code.

So how do we escape from the centralized, surveillance model we are trapped in? The solution is an unbiased model that is funded by the people, not the advertisers.

We will still focus heavily on improving our Boost system to ensure that people have the tools to reach new audiences and earn a share of our revenue for the traffic they drive. Transparency, consent, privacy and fairness will always remain at the heart of the system. You deserve to be in control of your data and how it is used, and no one else.

Peer-to-peer payments on the blockchain is another necessary component because it provides protection from unfair and subjective demonetization. Decentralized technology removes the middleman and provides you with complete control and ownership of your revenue streams. It is equally as important to provide the means for USD payments, however, as blockchain payments require a learning curve and mass adoption will take time.

Minds Pro, in addition to Plus, can provide supplementary revenue streams to share directly with creators and significantly reduce the reliance on advertising revenue and the political pressure that surrounds it. As long as the incentives are properly structured, the money you spend will go directly to the channels that deserve it the most.

These types of technologies, with the transparency provided by being fully open source, are essential in order to protect the integrity and neutrality of the Minds network at its core.

Please understand that our Pro feature is currently in Beta and issues may arise. We look forward to hearing your feedback and fine-tuning the product to function effectively. We sincerely thank you all for your support and hope you enjoy!

The Minds Team