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"I'm Thai, Thai means FREE which means I'm NOT a Slave" I'm Living in the Fake Democracy Country, with the Military Coup its a puppet of that family, and the Freedom of Expression is not acceptable 🙄🙄🙄 PS. I'm the refugee from Twitter that partnership with Thai Junta government.
Artist & Dreamer Living the creative life. The artist must create a spark before he can make a fire and before art is born, the artist must be ready to be consumed by the fire of his own creation. If words are to enter men's minds and bear fruit, they must be the right words shaped cunningly to pass men's defenses and explode silently, and effectually within their minds. www.etsy.com/shop/SomberCreations Trust in your dreams because they hide your passage to eternity. .................. ........... ...... .. .
(ENG BELOW) เมียฝรั่งแล้วไง ไม่ใช่เมียน้อยพ่อเธอ 🥺 ใครเรียกจะโดนหยิกให้เจ็บนิดนิดนะ เจ็บนิดนิดนะ เจ็บเหมือนควายขวิดนิดเดียว 💗 Hi there! So if any of you have found me from #MindsTH and was wondering what the f is going on and why Minds is suddenly flooded with so many Thai users. Please feel free to message me to discuss. Sorry for all the Thai language posts on your newsfeed! Xx
Eternally curious
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ตึกฟ้าแสตน l เด็กหลง - ผัวพิคิม l เป็นมิตรกับทุกคนเว้นสลิ่มและอิกลุ่มเบียว l สังคม toxic = twitter l
Hellо! 😚 My namе is Raquel! 😗 I wаnt to meet friеnd for meеtings! 😙 сheсk my page - http://bit.ly/2o4n8Q8 , my lоgin - whatlesspeser1988 😊 I'll wаit fоr you 💛😍😍
I enjoy hanging out with my girlfriend, seshing,longboarding,biking,Netflix,pizza and a bunch of other things looking for friends on here cause my girl friend is always on here phone so I figured maybe I should too
Street art, cityscapes, wandering adventures. Documenting the apocalypse one day at a time live from NYC
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