Mike Fang


Hello there, Im a furry inflation and weight gain artist. I do post NSFW content so no minors.

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I'm an amateur artist, once limited to pencils and paper, now armed with a tablet! This is the place to be if you're after a curious combination of Animorphs and body inflation! Weight gain, stuffing, ballooning, and any other type of swelling goodness! No Andalite, no Hork-Bajir... nothing is safe from the stuffings! I also do non-fetishy stuff. Mostly Animorphs, of course, if not exclusively! Trying to bring Animorphs to the inflation/WG community! Consider helping me! Join my Discord: https://discord.gg/at33Qzjb I've launched a Patreon! You can help fund my Pizzas and Pumps, while getting some benefits in return! https://www.patreon.com/darlagator COMMISSIONS ARE Open: Sketch - £25 Sketch (coloured) - £50 Detailed - £75 Detailed (+ background) - £100 I bloat/fatten things. I find it intriguing.

A Freelance Animator/Storyboard Artist that drinks too much coffee.

WARNING: 18+ Content. Hello folks, the name's Fangtrot or Fang. You'll likely find some 18+ stuff here on my channel that i'll post, along with some memes, video games, anime, and a few interesting arts I come across. I also do Roleplays(Mainly 18+ RPs) so if your interested, please let me know.

Self-published science fiction writer and gamer looking to meet new people and read new stories.

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How many other unicorns do you know that drive a tank to work? Pronouns are Stud/Studmuffin/Breeheeheehinnyhoohyhah I also vidyagaem over on Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/calbeck !

♀️ ✝️ • USA • Content Creator • Event Manager • Twitch Affiliate • Married • Conservatarian • 25 • SFW • IT Pro • Icon by Tsebresos • Banner by Jest56 (FA)

Too spicy for twitter, Extremely dangerous to Democracy™

Feb 2021
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