Merry Midnight
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Lawful neutral Zillennial weeb who’s Pro-Sense, Anti-Stupidity, and reads way too many books. I make saucy, non-PC jokes––you've been warned.
Just a Thelemite exploring the Infinite.
Hello, World! We live in a society.
Believer of Christ✞ PSN: XAndrew01X
Just an American woman (mostly European with some Indofijian/Hindustani Fijian/Fiji Indian and mild amount of indigenous American). A girly tomboy. True Neutral/Chaotic Good and 21+ years old. I'm a ex-AntiTrump. I'm neutral about Trump (not a fan of him BTW). Also an IRL aunt. I also like memes. Memes are both a blessing and a curse. Watch out for anything NSFW (especially NSFL/Not Safe For Life) along the way! My Carrd is
Simple and direct
Im a wife, mother, grandmother and a believer. John 14:6 I love life and try to bring positivity to a fallen world. @chrismadzier RIP 2-24-67-12-22-21 You will be truly missed my buddy. Minds member since April 2018.
Do not comply with unconstitutional laws. I love Oklahoma and you should too!
I'm just passingby cosplayer/gamer/streamer who follow the hero's rule.
human supremacist (unless the emergence of a space-adapted race of humans should be confirmed, in which case - sieg zeon!) I like memes without words. 07 Pizza is literally a perfect food capable of satisfying all diet requirements and meal types. ❤ 🍍+🍕 if you still have the lightbulb as your profile image, I am less likely to subscribe. I'm also wary of people who subscribe to me without ever having even 👎 a post of mine
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Jan 2021
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