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Hi! I’m M0nika! Z list shitposter who’s been suspended on Twitter 16 times all for various dumb fucking reasons. I shitpost. I identify as an Industrial Cooking Fan. I make offensive YouTube shit with my homies, including a podcast. I’m a 30 year old manbaby who spends too much time on the internet. Nice to all, an asshole to even more. Welcome to my primary social media account. We do things a little different around here. Apolitical (mostly) and I don’t usually get involved In politics unless an issue directly effects me, or I can easily make fun of it. I say naughty words.

Headbanger, musician, degenerate weeb, and e🅱ic gaymer / No. 1 Elza and Symphony X stan

they found me in a lab doing stem cell research, i was tryna’ grow you some balls, the police came but I explained bout your bitchin’ now they wanna pitch in n’ support the cause

Ho ho ho, I'm Jake Ryan, I am also an old fat jolly guy. Oh I also wear the skin of Elmo sometimes. Twitch:

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Comedian / Kick Boxing Champion / Sounding Enthusiast / Meth Addict/GG Allin Cosplayer

Jan 2021
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