Co-host of Fighting the Tyranny Radio and creator of Homesteading on a Prayer

Now I am become Death,the Destroyer of Worlds

We live in anarchy daily. Every second we make choices, we create and destroy, we love and hate. We influence the world around us without consideration of, or need for, authority.

I was born the son of a sharecropper in Long Beach, California. Eight years later I consistently earned happy faces in third grade math class.

Fighting the Tyranny is a radio show and news site committed to ending and exposing the globalist agenda.

Christian Anarchist - I reject the guillotine of the left and the gallows of the right. I advocate for the peaceable Kingdom of Christ #NoKingButChrist

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A3 reformed Army vet (sorry for my service) print guns not money

There seems to be an exponentially growing number of individuals who're seeing statism for what it is. I am among this number. I am the Recovering Statist. TRS Links: YouTube - Facebook - Twitter- Instagram- MeWe- Minds - Flote -

Hiking, camping, eating, living the Wisconsin Northwoods

Sep 2020
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