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MCOSI Agenda - May 11th 2019 (rescheduled to May 18th)


Invited Attendees:

 May 18th – 18:00 UTC (14:00 EDT / 19:00 BST)

Note that the above date change was due to some confusion about the original time slot.


Estimated Time For Meeting:
1.5 hours

Review recent and upcoming changes to Minds.

◦ Nick to provide news about the Minds platform and any changes involving Minds Inc.

◦ Examine recent implementations and changes. Explore any improvements that might be required or have been requested.

Review recent status posts edits / disappearance of rich media preview bug.

◦ Examine the issue of modifications to “status posts” and the disappearance of external 3rd party URL previews.

Examine current search engine functionality.

◦ Explore ideas about how to improve the search engine facility

◦ Recommend changes that may provide improvements and easier / more intuitive methods to search for content.

Explore improvement for the Notice element.

◦ Examine current usage of the “Notice” user interface element (within Newsfeeds) and consider how to maximise the usage of said element.

Review ideas about community members contributed developmental changes and a bounty idea.

◦ Examine the bounty programme that rewards community members for submitting bug fixes and other related platform changes.

Review current Gitlab and Canary usage.

◦ Examine the current usage of Gitlab and Canary, and explore any improvements within the ways that community members interact with these facilities.

Proposals for topics and date for next meeting (plus any tasks leading up to next meeting).

◦ Medworthy to produce public blog article (which will provide information about the meeting).

Any other business

Further Notes:
All Minds.com community members are invited to observe the meeting and whilst there will not be any after meeting question and answer session, any questions, comments or discussions are welcomed to be included to the MCOSI Minds.com group after the meeting has been concluded.

All future meetings schedules will be added to the MCOSI calendar as well as being posted to the MCOSI group and channel.

References & Other Resources:
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