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MCOSI Agenda - January 25th 2020


Invited Attendees:
• Medworthy
• Luculent
• FretzCapo
• SerkanDevel
• RealMindsChan
• MindsGaming
• RodgerCooper
• LaboratoryMike
• Bodhis
• I3utm
• Csharpner
• Censorshipsucks
• Nearmiss
• Iancrossland
• Authorpendragon
• MessyJessy
• Musings
• Nick
• Nemofin
• Xander


• January 25th – 19:00 UTC (14:00 EST)

• https://www.mcosi.org/meetings

Estimated Time For Meeting:
• 1.5 hours


• Review recent and upcoming changes to Minds
◦ Minds staff member to provide news about the Minds platform and any changes involving Minds Inc.
◦ Examine recent implementations and changes that might be required or have been requested

• Review the jury procedure
◦ Examine the changes that are being proposed for the jury procedure
◦ Explore how the updated changes to the jury procedures are likely to effect the user base.

• Review the progress of the Trust Tree Traversal (T3) framework
◦ Examine the purpose of the T3 framework (ie. how this framework is intended to be implemented and subsequently used, including information regarding opt-in / opt-out procedures, predicted benefits of using and expected end-user charges if any).

• Any other business

Further Notes:

All Minds.com community members are invited to observe the meeting and whilst there will not be any after meeting question and answer session, any questions, comments or discussions are welcomed to be included to the MCOSI Minds.com group after the meeting has been concluded.

All future meetings schedules will be added to the MCOSI calendar as well as being posted to the MCOSI group and channel.

References & Other Resources:

* Minds Community Open Source Initiative Website
* Minds Community Open Source Initiative Calendar
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* Minds Community Open Source Initiative Group
Minds Community Open Source Initiative Channel