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2019, Minds Community Open Source Initiative and Community Collaboration


As this is the new year, there is no better time to take an active roll in the Minds Community Open Source Initiative (MCOSI). The organisation that is built on the synergy of staff and community, bringing the revolutionary open source social media platform, Minds.com.

2018 has been a busy year for the Minds platform. With the introduction of the main-net token exchange, hash-tags, bug fixes, and various other features, Minds has been growing at a fast rate. As many community members are already aware, the Minds Community Open Source Initiative was introduced in September with the aim of supporting the open source ideals of this social media platform.

Minds.com is evolving more quickly than ever, expanding its global network reach, as well as the further development of existing and new features, functionality and services.

The Minds Community Open Source Initiative is exploding into the new year by officially launching many community-driven services, including the official www.mcosi.org website and bug tracking facilities. The MCOSI helpdesk is now available to assist the community with its help and support needs. With these new services, the Minds Community Open Source Initiative will be able to liaise with the staff members and the community to track bugs, log feature requests and provide solutions.

Minds Inc. has recently employed Jake Passi to not only work on community support, bug testing, and feature development but to function completely as the Minds Inc. liaison to the Minds Community Open Source Initiative. Jake is replacing Jack as community liaison and will be invited to future community meetings. As usual, these meetings are available for community members to observe and the Minds Community Open Source Initiative will continue to keep the community updated with new blog posts.

With this collaborative approach, the community is able to further help, support and provide information to improve the Minds social media platform, as well as helping to steer the open Minds open source project with new features and ideas.

With the support of the Minds Community Open Source Initiative, as well as the growth and further participation of the Minds community, 2019 is going to be a very exciting year for the Minds.com open source, social media platform.

Minds Community Open Source Initiative Website and Helpdesk

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Since March 2019, Minds has migrated from using Asana and Github (which are closed source, proprietary based services) to the open source Gitlab service. Please note that due to this migration, the above MCOSI Helpdesk facility has been discontinued and is no longer available.

However, the MCOSI in association with the Minds User Group (MUG) and the official Minds Help & Support group will continue to provide help, support and advice to the wider community. As well as continuing to encourage community members to participate in supporting the community focused, open source and open discourse based Minds social media platform.

Please also note that since the original publication of this blog article, Nick (Minds chief administrator) has taken over from Jake's responsibilities as Minds community liaison within Minds Community Open Source Initiative meetings.

For more information about the Gitlab facilities, please refer to the following official Minds blog article.

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