Max Igan and The Crowhouse OFFICIAL!
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*** WE WELCOME EVERYONE FROM THE HEAVILY CENSORED "DIED SUDDENLY NEWS" GROUPS ON MAIN STREAM SOCIAL MEDIA. MAY THIS MINDS GROUP BE USED BY YOU AS A SAFE HAVEN. A play on words parody of Doctors Without Borders, this group is for posting videos from doctors, microbiologists, first responders and other qualified main stream medical folks, who are being censored by the main stream media and main stream social media, for speaking the truth about COVID-19. Related topics also welcomed. Off-topic posts are NOT welcomed. If you want to duplicate this group on other platforms, no permission needed. Use the images, do as you wish. This group is for: -Medical / Science experts posting their own content -People sharing censored content from medical / science experts -Examples of bureaucratic interference within medicine -Main stream media hysteria endangering public safety -Anything closely related to the before mentioned #covid #scamdemic #tyranny #agenda21 #genocide
A place to share videos, interviews, events, etc regarding Max Igan and the topics, events, etc he is a part of. This is to share the work, not glorify the man. No cults of personality, please. OFFICIAL WEBSITE: THE OFFICIAL MAX IGAN MINDS CHANNEL is here: THE OFFICIAL COMMUNITY FORUMS are also here: THE SKYPE CHAT FOR THIS MINDS GROUP: OTHER PLACES TO FIND THIS CONTENT: CloutHub: Audio Only: LBRY / Odysee: Bitchute: ALTCENSORED: BrandNewTube: Mewe: MixCloud Audio Mirror: Gab: 3Speak: Hive: DollarVigilante TV: FreedomTube: Rumble: Gettr: Instagram: X / Twitter: Discord: Telegram: DONATE / SUPPORT:
Clown World, Apathralia
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May 2020
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