The Mind: an Enigma, a conundrum, explorer, searcher, hunter, shaper of universes, destroyer of worlds, teachers of past and of the present. The healer of souls when at rest with the heart!
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An entrepreneur.
Revolutionary, ex public defender, and current leader of the free world (the position was abandoned and left vacant. I assumed it.) Any true blue red blooded Americans left in this country? We've come full circle in America, It's time for revolution. FYI: I don't support Trump/republicans/fascists or Biden/democrats/communists. I only support America, that is: the country, the constitution, my fellow citizens, and Liberty itself. When you get to the bottom of the rabbit hole, I'll be there waiting to guide you down the yellow brick road to freedom. 😎👍🏽
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A crypto lover, Forex trader and a true believer of God...
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Paul Joseph Watson is a British online commentator, conspiracy theorist, and writer. His political stance has been described by the New York Times as being part of the “New Far Right".
HSE Engineer/Gas Engineer/Producer(movie/music)...
*Art & Craft 🎨🖼🎭 *Structures & Buildings🏚🏤🏭 *Medieval Architecture🛕🕍🕌🤎
Genius, Memesmith, World-Class Artist.
ı am an engineer but my dream be farmer
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