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We are an award nominated, independent publisher based in Bournemouth, UK. Our titles are usually aimed towards a mature audience, but every now and then we throw in something that audiences of all ages can enjoy. We take a stern stance on the importance of Freedom of Speech, and we do not appreciate political correctness dictating art and story telling. Our writers and artists are free to tell the stories they want to tell, and to do what is best for the characters, the stories, and the readers.

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Independent, 100% creator owned comic book publisher. Home of Juanpool, Pineapple Pizza Man, The Chicken Warrior and more! Completely censorship free! Comics: Merch: Youtube:

W B Stiles Blog Writer and Author of the Project Genesis Series Walter Bruce Stiles known as comicsbloger with one "g" My author page: Entertainment News Blog: Receiver Address: 0x5e44afe7bf9e0dc19605a5cd1b3102f010f23d5d

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Jun 2019
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