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The second channel of @beardedone2017. Could be some nipples there 🤣 Racists, white supramacists and other extreme right wings will be blocked without notification

Hello everybody, this channel is of many things; drawing art, writing parodies, taking videos or photos of places I've visited. I'm also a youtuber and I'm on bitchute who likes to do exploration, i hope to gain interest from people subscribing to provide support and help me in furthering the expedition to explore all over the world. I also have Zazzle created to sell my Red Pill Philosophy i created. Most of my drawings i've been creating would go on the products as with my philosophy. The reason i named myself the "red pill samurai" is because i am striving to better my own life and live as well as help teach others too, which is why i created the red pill samurai philosophy.

In December Of 1945, A 5th Holy Gospel Was Discovered To The World, After Long Since Being Buried Deep Within The Sands Of Time.

Since reddit streams has been banned we have been getting very high amount of traffic and working around the clock to bring you guys all stable Streams in HD.

Brainstorming Ideas, Commonsense, Outside of the box thinking, Truth, Facts and Opinions sharing, Anti war, Anti Globalism and fed up with with lying politicians, lying mainstream media and lying elites of the world. Interested in Social Networking, World News, Geopolitics, Photography, spiritual ... I also stand for individual freedom. I stand against violence and corruption. I stand for your right to speak. I stand for your right to pray and practice your own faith, I stand for my right to agree or not, I stand for any cause that save Environment and Wildlife, I stand for World Peace, I stand to help the Unfortunate,the needy, the abandoned kids and create a smile in every Human Face... We All Are Human, Descendents of One Couple Adam & Eve

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Volim da se družim, da slikam, da uživam u prirodi.

For the love of earth… A web with no weaver, patiently co-created and re-created and re-created. Dissonance becomes resonance, disease becomes ease. All #myphoto photos and original stories shared by me here and on Minds are ©️ and should they be shared for whatever purpose I ask to be credited as the photographer and or writer, thanks! #earthlover #sunlover #animalcommunication #interspeciescommunication #nutrition #organic #permaculture #biofieldtuning #health #healing #photography #myphoto #bugslife #minutia #truth #bekind #herbalism #essentialoils #aromatherapy #resonance #healerholic #energy #bioresonance #confessionaofahealerholic #weboflife #beautifulworld #soundtherapy #soundhealing #community #creativity #regeneration #naturalhealth #biodynamic #gardening.

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