Sharing muh arts. (NOTE: Please look through my content to see if you like before you follow/subscribe. I make sfw art but themed with Scalies sometimes since Imma Scalie zoomer.) Also note I block people due to me not wanting to see posts pertaining to politics. nothing against the users I block. Just trying to stay sane by keeping my experience on this site as lease political as possible.

This will be an animal blog about different animals that I find. I have one kidney and I lost my gallbladder. I have two awesome dogs that I love. One of them is a dashound bulldog mix and the other one is a pitbull and there names are hibiscus and misty. Check out our discord @:

E.A.E is a network for Artists, Gallery Owners, Collectors, European Identitarian Groups and Charity Organizations

Welcome retro friends, this is Retro Commodore Space Magic. Here we discuss the wonder and majesty of the Commodore line of computers and all things retro.

Self taught artist I started drawing after watching Dragon Ball anime on SatTV in late 90s' (that was still a thing where I lived, cable TV was a luxury). Akira Toriyama style was a great inspiration to me and I would seek any available artwork to practice drawing the same thing by watching it. Magazines would be my biggest resources since the access to the internet was also very limited. These magazines would introduce me to more manga artists which drawings I also tried to copy. All to get better. Now I can draw what my imagination will let me see or whatever I will picture in my head and present it to you on this website. My dream is to release a graphic novel & code a video game, both of which a lot of people will enjoy. Better get to work! ALSO: I draw what I bloody want. You don't have to like it. Since I am not trying to get on anyone nerves & be considerate and my content still offends you there is an option just for you: Go walk a plank!

I'm here to post my shitty art. If you want some made for you then contact me because I'm not charging for commissions right now. This doesn't mean I'm going to design a character for you though.

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