Goth Moth GF who vibes and plays video games. Taken by @Owlmandias

Sup this is Echo Jamz I'm a full degenerate/content creator/shitposter, I'm also working hard to become versed in music creation.

Studying Art, I draw stuff and people tell me if it's good, Anime, Comic, Video Game fan and i talk about a lot of stuff...

Nothing in no one no how. A ghost, ephemeral yet bright.Just another dumb hack writer.

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Shitposting Schizo. Infamous Gumball Avi. Ghost Writer. Charming Philanthropist. Professional Shit-Talker. Amateur Sex-Haver.

The official, & only, minds account of your fav shortstack goth succubus, Spook. I just be typing sometimes & dont even know wtf I'm saying half the time. Twitter: Discord: Spook#8855

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I'm an artist who posts her Ws and Ls on the timeline so that people see how not everything that an artist does is a masterpiece from the get-go. Remember that jokes are jokes for a reason. Have fun, be happy and enjoy life! You should be free to be who you want to be just don't force others to do what they don't want to do. ➥

You probably know me from Twitter/I like to sing, write, and occasionally draw, it's amateur but I'm proud of it/ I post memes too/ I have a bf, so don't flirt with me

Anime and Manga | Professional shiny hunter 🌟 | Star Wars | Disord: Arcane#4572 | Horror fanatic

Just your normal teen (minor) here to start an art career or something, watch as my art grow from crappy to decent! I post mechas too and repost indie comics! :) Formerly blackanimegurl on Twitter

Jan 2021
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