Thriving in the #GrandSolarMinimum. Daily steps towards self-sufficiency.

I'm not a politically correct person, I'm one who believes in free speech, and I can't stand identity politics. One extremely powerful concept is, If you don't have freedom of speech. You don't have freedom. If I have to characterise my self I'm a left-wing nationalist republican atheist. According to electoral calculus my 2D position is: Your Economic position is 83° Left and your National position is 75° National. You are economically very strongly left-wing, and very strongly nationalist. I'M LEFT NOT WOKE

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Good Food UnEarthed "No one is a teacher. All we can do is share what we gain from our subjective experiences." www.goodfoodunearthed.com

To see the world in a grain of sand And heaven in a wild flower Hold infinity in the palm of your hand And eternity in an hour ~ William Blake, Artist/Writer/Visionary Nature Photography Ambient Music Designing the infinite through cosmic patterns: Seeds - Plants - Cultural Symbols - Sacred Geometry Silk Painting for fashion own label 'Shamanic Nights' & Wood Painting for Garden Art 'Heritage Murals' Commissions taken

Hi, everyone:) I'm just going to link articles and videos which I find to be important. I don't want money, so don't send money. I just want to contribute to the newsfeed whenever I have time. My interest is U.S. propaganda and U.S. crimes. If I subscribe to you, I don't expect you to subscribe to me. Just like if I give you a compliment, I don't expect a compliment in return. That's not how I think:)

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Having traveled many miles on this planet in this incarnation, I have been on a journey of discovery. Each day has proven to have something new to discover about myself, my environment and my world. I walk in the Light of the Truth as I find it.

I am a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst, author of numerous books and lover of liberty.

Sarah Eaglesfield
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Seeding the Alteco BEP20 token. Let's plant 1 BILLION trees by 2030! Posting shorter stuff over at Twitter ➡ http://twitter.com/zenxv

Oct 2020
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