I'm a simple man. Honesty, Integrity, and having an open mind are the things I care about. I enjoy science, reading, video and board games, TV and movies, music, Linux, Magic the Gathering and discussing Theology.
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I am an open minded individual who has common sense and is concerned by the lack of it in today's society.
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love people and the planet
Software Engineer I'm here to remind, post and talk about anything that interest me, I love music and nature you're free to remind my activities welcome to my channel
Sharing content in the etheric world of the internet of what I do and find interesting
Anything it takes to be eligible
I am not Pro (Russia-China-Cuba-Venezuela-Brazil-United States) I am Pro-Humanity I don't believe in (Communism, Capitalism, Imperialism, Monarchism, Socialism) I believe in Humanism I don't believe in Competition but in Cooperation We do not live in a globalised world, but in a globe. When you say (My Exceptionalism, Nationalism, National Socialism...) I say Yes... WE ARE ALL Exceptional, we all live in a Nation, we are all Social beings.... When someone asked Buddha 'What God do you believe in' he replied 'What God do you believe in?'💕✨😏 My pronouns: 'Stop, making, up, bullshlt'.
An entrepreneur.
Stand for the Flag kneel for the Cross Maranatha Jesus is the knocking at the Door Answer!
Husband and father working in IT. Love creating 3D and traditional art. Proud Christian. I post my art, memes and dem funnies, and some politics. If you interact with my stuff, I'll nearly always check yours out! Trying to grow my channel! Consider subscribing :D I usually subscribe back, as long as your page isn't 0-effort ;)
Aug 2021
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