I mostly just leave comments on political stuff. I post stuff every once in a while. Maybe one day I will learn how to use the blog feature.

Orthodox Christian 鈽︼笍, Reactionary, 26. Orthodoxy/repentance = the only way out of this mess 馃惛 YouTube Channel (Orthodox Reactionary):

Intelligence Analyst, Media Monitor, Researcher, Independent Journalist I operate on the periphery of the U.S. Intelligence Community and share some of the things I learn and keep track of at work. Opinions are my own and do not reflect that of my employer or any entity I work with. Expect random shitposts mixed in with more serious content. Anything tagged with #journalism has been vetted for accuracy and had as much bias as possible filtered out. BTC: 1Q1vd3Zx3V44mzdxK5SatbZFgYxCqLbjra ETH: 0x88FAAdd709b7C1136e36f6C274Ab966E6a4D8D77 BAT: 0x88FAAdd709b7C1136e36f6C274Ab966E6a4D8D77 LTC: LYU7pVzCwaxtr4gRGq2V1FMphZErRW2pcV LINK: 0xd7922ab7d003a8c9e068721c619db13149ca08d0 If you'd like to send any other form of crypto with me, just let me know and I'll create a wallet.

Dude from Switzerland, I do some art over on ( I tend to post sporadically. Cheers folks!

Photographer based in the northwest

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Jun 2019
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