Government sucks. I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees. There shouldn't be any gun laws ever, just how it was intended. I like to shitpost and meme because I'm simple like that. End the Fed *❤ I'm taken ❤* I'm also the "extremist" the government warned you about 😉 and i post random song lyrics, am an avenged sevenfold fangirl and love professional wrestling and hockey (Go Bruins!!) ❤ PUREBLOOD for life!!!! Been banned from FB, Twitter, Instagram & Mastodon. Thank God Minds is an actual free speech site or I'd have to shitpost and meme by mail 😂

Best Selling Author. Lover of hedgehogs & Freedom.

The Patriot Party Movements mission is to restore our government to the limitations of the Constitution and keeping the United States free of the influence of globalist tyrants.

Freedom Lover. 🇺🇲 American. Anti - Oligarchical. Open for Political Debate with all but 🐑. The Time for Silence is Over.

The Anglo Saxons, Celtic, Germanic, Scandinavian and kindred peoples are the true Israelites of the Bible: What is Israel Identity, Documentary: Lost tribes of Israel found through their migratory history: (roughly 15 min) Basic overview of the Abrahamic Covenant: Why its important with brother Peter Peters (sermon): (full sermon about 1 hour) Greatest love story NEVER told, brother Peters sermon: JQ music video, make you a believer: A study on the NOT so chosen people, part 1 of series MIRROR: More... THE TRUTH OF BIBLICAL ISRAEL; NOT CHURCH LIES! with brother Rob: What did Jesus Christ our LORD really look like?: (quick video which goes over the PHYSICAL descriptions of the ISRAELITES of Scripture, including Christ Himself) (about 7 minutes) Shroud of Turin Summary video (bears the Image of Christ): (8 min) Hidden history of our people: EUROPEANS ARE THE _LOST_ TRIBES OF ISRAEL - A RARE DOCUMENTARY: (full doc) 5 stages of deprogramming: (stages of deprogramming from a sister in Christ) Discussion/Debate on Christian Identity with Orthodox Christian: (interesting "debate" between an Orthodox Christian and an Israel Identity brother) Brief rebuttal to the BHI's (black "Hebrew Israelites"): WHO IS ESAU AND WHAT IS RUDDY?: (WARNING for offensive content, but it conveys an important point) Who are the "beasts of the field"?: Who are the WHITE Americans?: JQ music video, make you a believer: Trump, true Israel, and false realities, with brother Rob: Who is God and what is His Gospel?: Letter from God, your Father: (short letter from God, WATCH THIS ONE AT LEAST, PLEASE!) God explained: (short video) Trinity defined: (short video) How can there be a Trinity?: (short clip) Dual nature of Christ: (bible study) Holiness?: (short video) Heaven and Earth: (short video) What Jesus endured for us: (music video) It is finished, Christ on the Cross: (animation of the spiritual happenings at Calvary) Gospel of The KINGDOM: (quick explanation) Gospel of Christ with Pastor Jeff: Letter from God, your Father: You are the apple of His eye: Greatest love story NEVER told, brother Peters sermon: (full sermon) Why its important with brother Peter Peters (sermon): (full sermon about 1 hour) Why the current state of the world & what we can do to fix it: Propitiation for our sin and God's forgiveness:

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