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Babies Are People. They Are One Of Us.
Awake citizen from the Netherlands. Always willing to discus things and having conversations. Welcome on my social fun space. @subscribe to recieve more laughs... Posting about: #commonsense #vikings #historical #memes #positivethinking #videogames #worldofwarcraftclassic You sub me, i sub you! White, blonde hair, blue eyes, straight, and proud! i didnt choose for it, so i have to deal with it! common sense will rule!
On my Viking phone, posting about what interests me the most. Have a nice day
Draugablíkk is an eclectic folk music band known for its Hunno-Gutnish lyrics and unique sound that blends ancient Scandinavian instruments with shamanic song traditions of the Great Steppe. 🔥
I am just one of many souls on this big blue planet looking for the truth.
I'm a digital artist working in the fields of photography, photo painting, photo manipulation, composition, enhancement, and 3D art. I create what comes naturally. BTC: bc1qd8ju66h93tv8war9mck928udqh090ye8z70x8t
Sanguinius met his gaze. ‘Tell me, Horus. What is it you are most afraid of?’ ‘Falling short. Of failing my Legion, my Imperium… my Emperor.’ ⚜ Aesthetic European made clothing for Men Among the Ruins: 👑 Homepage: 📹 Odysee channel: 🎙️Podcast:​ or 🌱Jotunheim Nutrition: Sverige:​ Europe:​ US:
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