Father, husband, electrician, programmer, golfer, fisherman, student of science and history, candidate for office, officer of the Libertarian Party, retired and fed up.
location_onArlington, Texas, United States

Liberlandian, HODLer, Freedom enthusiast. Sometimes I write and take photos! Other times I supply the Liberland government with Liberland merch -> www.libergear.com

Awesome libertarian, anarcho-capitalist artist and writer! Find me at libertopiacartoon.wordpress.com

Libertarianism in NC and surrounding areas

Libertarian loving life in Florida. Ardent supporter of Tom Woods and Ron Paul. Author of the awesome e-book "Kill It, Clean It, Cook It, Eat It" (huntandcookwildgame.com) All-American tennis player. Former yacht stewardess for the rich and sometimes famous. Digital marketer. Bartender. Love food, cooking, wine, and exercising so I can enjoy it all!

dad | husband | Libertarian | punk rock | comic books| video games | psn otter272 | pizza | tacos | #BeMoreKind

Est 8/9/16 •I love America more than you •Obedience isn't American •Hostility towards tyranny •Stick around, prove me wrong

To introduce, I am a millennial, I am a student and I study media and politics. You may think this is a recipe for disaster but I want to show you that there is still hope for my generation yet.

Arlington, Texas, United States
Oct 2019
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