Hello everybody like to pirture & follow to me i do same it.

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I was born. I went to grade school. Middle School. High School. Community College. Got Associate's. Worked in Yellowstone a couple times. Worked at a gas station. Worked as a janitor. Joined the Air Force. Got another Associate's. Got the hell out of the Air Force because it sucked. Got engaged to a girl. Got dumped by a fiance. Obtained a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Political Science, with Minors in Education, History, and Writing. Working at a job far lesser than potential, considering education background. Wrote a book. Self-published the book. Like 2 copies sold so far.

Not just chewin, but severing the fat and offering solutions for a leaner meaner piece of bacon/world Paypal: [email protected] Bitcoin: bc1ql9m46q55cz83se7gcsspfhsjye39gvnnf54eue

Conservative, [email protected], GenX | PERPETUAL TOMORROW WAR | 🇲🇰🇷🇸🇦🇺😎 Never fear Zak is here | 2020-2022 Welcome to the Twilight Zone. #altnewsmedia #EUTHANASIA #medicaltyranny #Fascism #NWO

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_______________________________ ~~~ Overview ~~~ Born and raised in Idaho 🥔 Lived in Oregon 🌲, Utah🏔️and Ukraine 🇺🇦 ('93-'95) Believer 🙏 Husband 💑 Father 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 ~~~ Entrepreneur​ 💡 Film and Video Producer 🎥 President at Harmon Brothers Consulting Partner at Harmon Brothers Agency Co-founder at Buyitlive.co BYU Alumnus 👨‍🎓 _______________________________ ~~~ Professional ~~~ https://www.harmonbrothers.com https://harmonbrothers.com/hb-consulting

Nov 2019
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