Leto Enchanted (Vtuber)

An Ex-soldier in charge of Shadaloo's E-Sports department. Currently out of a job because General M. Bison was worried about my health because of the Covid-19...Few months have passed and everything is up and running but seems like he forgot about calling our department back so I've decided to be a YouTuber. My channel will display the gaming prowess of what Shadaloo had to offer and also make fun videos along the way. Come join me in my journey.....or at least until he reinstates my job. T_T https://youtube.com/channel/UCMBtsQCn1vbNzirutbuDxtA
location_onTexas, United States
⚡Trans Android Vtuber⚡discord.gg/uJQBfNT7sVpaypal.com/paypalme/dweea…⚡bitcoin address: 35WPVboNQBTCipLQDDYZBkz3rdZErovBgr⚡
Hey there! I draw sketches and illustrations. Hololive dweller, anime, manga, Buns, and spicy culture Connoisseur. Spicy art on Pixiv 🔞 http://pixiv.me/roedtape 🔞 - safe art - Artstation https://www.artstation.com/rnd Twatter: https://twitter.com/RoedTape Fediverse (Should Minds go anti anime): Poast : https://poa.st/@Roed_Tape Pawoo: https://pawoo.net/@roedtape #art #sketch #anime #drawing #manga #pinups
YouTube Troublemaker, Attorney, and more. Speech Is No Longer Free, Lawyers Still Aren't
I enjoy anime, games and Scifi shows. Also like to build my gunpla models.
Pre-Fab Cartoon Band from NYC! Listen to us on all streaming services XOXOXOXO
Blendlet and free speech enjoyer. Figuring out what "my thing" is so I can do it.
The Demon half of the Demon/Paladin (@AzureNova) duo that is the MidKnights, losers by day, losers on the internet playing vidya by Night. Streaming at twitch.tv/TheMidKnights
Illustrator, comic creator and satirist. Creator of Kamen America and Black Hops: USA-*-GI
Texas, United States
Feb 2021
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