Français en France. Professionnel des boissons et bière en particulier. Musicien et joueur de poker thnl amateur.
I enjoy online poker tournaments (micro & low stakes), collecting vinyl records, and meeting new people. I enjoy making videos to a point, and I'm having a good time exploring social media alternatives. Recently I've become interested in live streaming (mostly poker oriented) and I plan to start doing some of that. But I also enjoy making vlog style videos and may one day find my passion for songwriting again. I was in a car accident as a kid and was injured badly including losing my left leg. I'm presently recovering from a health crisis as a result of several ailments and injuries. So I expect I will discuss my recovery from time to time.
independent musician ------------------ prog --- lofi --- jazz --- mathrock ------------------- find my music here: https://waxamilion.bandcamp.com/
Création/réparation de guitares acoustiques et électriques basé à Rimouski, Québec Custom acoustic and electric guitar builds/repairs based in Rimouski, Quebec
Peace & Love Enthusiastic cryptographer beginner Some time ago I was an ecological operator when one summer afternoon I saw a film about cryptographic codes whose title and actors I don't remember but the plot does. As soon as the film finished I started looking for a bit of everything on the net about encryption and I found above all RSA that since then (6 years) I have been trying to take it apart. I am a self-taught person so I have not received pay for 6 years and my work will always be available to everyone. If you have something to donate for my studies and you want to donate anonymously: BTC 3M91aGGE746GAgTPVPFodKS25mDvK2Q8PT ETH 0xE9FD828E97d6355A357c06f68128540d2b93e416 [sorry for my english] ******************************************* Fan: Hilbert Bill Gates Ronald Rivest Alessandro Panconesi Obsure Fan Of: Dennis Ritchie & Ken Thompson ****************************************** thank you @diginess @gangstermailsexy @Lowther @Israphel ***************************************** On minds since JUL 13, 2016 *****************************************
https://www.rt.com/ RT is a global, round-the-clock news network of eight TV channels, broadcasting news, current affairs, and documentaries
Décryptage de la propagande helvétique et mondiale. Des sauvegardes des articles sont disponibles sur https://web.archive.org et/ou https://archive.is
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