The Trump Libertarians (Freedom WILL Reign!)
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Freedom WILL Reign is a compilation of articles, videos, and opinions by me, the creator of the page. I hope it enables people to discern truth by watching or reading things that I feel give the best rundown on what or has been a part of the news scene in regard to, at first, electing the best man for leading our country, and now, for reestablishing our Constitutional freedoms with the same man and his loyalists. I would say he is right up there with George Washington, the father of our country. I am a cheerleader and a realist. I will post whatever I discern to be helpful to whoever comes to this page. Join me, share whatever you feel would be helpful to others, and pray that we survive the most intense attempt to dismantle the best country on earth.

I have got a nice heart and great personality, and if you ever cross my paths, there will never be a REASON for REGRETS

Best Selling Author. Lover of hedgehogs & Freedom.

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Sep 2020
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