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Born to a Navy family I grew up on military bases one in the middle of the Pacific, called Midway. I went to college and rather than a 4 year degree I ended up with two 2 year degrees. I have worked in Laundries, Dive-In Movie theaters, Grocery Stotes Dept Stores was a Local Commissioned Peace Officer in KY, worked the door in Jaz and Black Discos,. A Farm Store, Roadside Nursery and ended up in a Fortune 500 Avionics company where my crowning achievement was updating the landing system on Airforce One. Been to Russia quite a few times and once was almost shot by Putin's Security Detail
Diesel Powered Trans Dimensional Mechanoid Swine.. Pronouns: Oink/Squee ———————— —— — — - - 🐷 Home: ————————— —— — — - - Gab: Twitter: Bastyon: GETTR: Truth: Telegram:
Where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission. Behind this mask there is more than just flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea... and ideas are bulletproof.
Hi... I love Religion, Helping others, Interior Decorating, Crafts, Listening to music, Hanging out with friends, Ham radio, Marine Electronics, Aviation, Boating.
Why Do Programmers Prefer Dark Mode? 🌓 Because Light Attracts Bugs! 🐞
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Fatherhood is the answer. Individualist, semi-isolationist, conservative, capitalist, center right semi-libertarian, non-anarchy, non-religious, with a deep disgust for collectivism, and racial supremacy ideologies, identitarianism, presentism, subjective worldviews, and the modern left as a whole with few exceptions. Freedom of speech should be absolute. But just because you are free to say what you want, does not mean that anyone should be forced to listen. This is why I block liberally. I do believe in judging others based on character and past actions. but the only consequence of my judgement is whether or not I will associate with someone. I have no problems with "people of the book" regardless of which book. Objective reality is real. There are no "lenses" to see anything through. "Your truth" is just a lie, that you say, you believe. "Communism, is when ugly, deformed, freaks, make it illegal, to be normal, and then rob and/or kill, all successful people, out of petty resentment, and cruelty. The ideology, is all just, windows dressing." -Jack Posobiac Bring evidence or don't make a claim. I will question it.. Armchair, Monday morning, politician, economist, philosopher, entrepreneur, and musician.
Digital Marketing I am a professional Digital Marketer. I want to share my expertise to help grow your business. I work full-time as a social media manager. My purpose is to help clients to achieve their business goals.
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Jul 2019
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