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Ah yes, the about me section, this causes you to take a deep breath & lean back to ponder. Who am I? What am I "about?" Should I relay my personal politics here? My religious beliefs? Music interests? Movie interests? Or any other characteristics that may add up to a whopping 5% of who I actually am? Am I really gonna get deep & personal here so my personality can be data mined, analyzed, compared to other profiles, used to create & manipulate psychological trends, consumer related trends, fashion trends, or political trends? Thank God I filled out the about me section! I almost missed my chance to be a specimen for the elitist knobs that are studying everything I do, from how I vote, to what I eat, or what I wipe my bum with! So they can better advertise to me, prey upon my impulses, & figure out what it will take to keep me believing, buying, & supporting their death culture!!! Uhh, maybe I just think to much!?

Wannabe hard enduro rider and hack mechanic.

camus, dostoevsky, solszenitsyn, frost, housman, p.c. friars, n.y. yankees, indie rock, God.......let's put the federal reserve and the united nations in our rear view mirror!!

Independent Centrist鈥either Left Or Right...A Registered Voter And Politically Informed, But Indifferent With No Allegiance Toward Any Political Party鈥n Other Words, I Will Not Vote For Any Candidate Simply Based On His Or Her Party Affiliation. Some Have Also Referred To Me As A Political Agnostic. Religious Views: Agnostic Interests: Travel...Well Back In The Day Before The World Completely Lost Its Mind. Photography, Computers & The Internet. My Intro: Love Yourself First, Because That Is Who You Will Be Spending The Rest Of Your Life With.

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I love meme, i'm a free speech absolutist, if you can't understand sarcasm you might think i'm stupid, and you'd be mostly correct ! I'm a huge video game enthusiast, not just playing them but knowing them and hopefully one day get to make one, not just work on them. I have a YouTube gaming channel, please consider subscribing !

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喔`腑喔副喔涏笗喔班箘喔勦福喙夃竸喔權箘喔椸涪喔椸父喔佮竸喔 喔椸副喔佮浮喔侧箘喔斷箟喙喔ム涪喔勦箠喔侧笟喔 **** 喔佮覆喔`弗喔囙笚喔膏笝喔∴傅喔勦抚喔侧浮喙喔傅喙堗涪喔 喔溹浮喙勦浮喙堗箖喔娻箞喔溹腹喙夃箑喔娻傅喙堗涪喔о笂喔侧笉喔佮覆喔`弗喔囙笚喔膏笝喙冟笝 Crypto 喔椸父喔佮竵喔侧福喔曕副喔斷釜喔脆笝喙冟笀喔ム竾喔椸父喔 喔椸箞喔侧笝喔曕箟喔竾喔涏福喔班箑喔∴复喔權竸喔о覆喔∴箑喔傅喙堗涪喔囙箑喔炧阜喙堗腑喙勦浮喙堗箖喔箟喙喔傅喙堗涪喔囙箑喔佮复喔權笀喔權笂喔掂抚喔脆笗喔ム箞喔∴笀喔∴笖喙夃抚喔⑧笗喔编抚喙喔竾 喔溹浮喙喔涏箛喔權箑喔炧傅喔⑧竾喔溹腹喙夃笝喔赤竸喔о覆喔∴福喔灌箟喙喔佮傅喙堗涪喔о竵喔编笟 Crypto 喔∴覆喔箞喔囙笗喙堗腑喙冟斧喙夃笚喙堗覆喔權箑喔椸箞喔侧笝喔编箟喔 喔溹浮喙勦浮喙堗浮喔掂竸喔о覆喔∴釜喔侧浮喔侧福喔栢箖喔權竵喔侧福喔涏福喔班箑喔∴复喔權腑喔權覆喔勦笗喔傕腑喔 Crypto 喙冟笖喙嗋箘喔斷箟 **** MINDS UniSwap Address: 0xb26631c6dda06ad89b93c71400d25692de89c068 喔曕弗喔侧笖 Token 喔赋喔福喔编笟喔娻覆喔о箘喔椸涪

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喔佮腹喔堗赴喔涪喔灌箞喔`腑喔斷腹喔曕福喔班竵喔灌弗喔∴付喔 喔⑧箞喔涪喔⑧副喔 喔娻复喔氞斧喔侧涪喔ム竾喙勦笡喔曕箞喔斧喔權箟喔 喔傕腑喙冟斧喙夃浮喔多竾喔曕覆喔 喔犩覆喔⑧箖喔曕箟喔父喙夃竾喔曕傅喔權笡喔`赴喔娻覆喔娻笝

Crypto Enthusiasts || Graphics Designer || Urban Planner || Photographer

I post to share knowledge, remind the sh1t out of it, if you don't want to share the link to me, just steal it and share...I don't care about the many as possible have to know what the f枚ck is happening... #GodlessHeathenArtistEmpathLightwarriorLoverIntrovertSapiosexualAtheistTrutherExvaxxerbyresearchAnarchistSpiritualgangsterCoffeeaddictFoodloverEnvironmentalistNoClimatetardFreethinkerNoCoronaTardINFPA Next Wave Plandemic aka * KungFlu 4.0 *CovTardia Asymptomatic spreaders of spike-protein through vaxxing @ErwinSchoofs @dr4gic0n Thank you for subscribing, Subscribe to my reminds too, vote, remind, comment good or bad...let me know what you feel... IDGAF if you downvote, downvoters that do so without having some balls to say why are kinda pathetic imo and will probably get blocked asap...don't waste my time... Don't like what I say? Pro-Tip: Unsubscribe...block...ignore like you ignore truth...when that doesn't work remove yourself from the gene-pool? I will subscribe to channels that bring shit I like... IDGAF bout what you believe&shit... or if we differ on 9/10...IDC... I'll cherish the one post that suits me... but if you try to preach... You Gone... No hard feelings tho...namaste... Like I care about the numbers...Maybe I'm just not your style/frequency...maybe you think I'm crazy...can't actually blame you for that LMAO Have a nice life anyway I Bless you . I despise hate from&towards any belief, ideology or race ... Hate will consume you, be wiser... Subbed doesn't mean I share your view, but I do want to read&see where you're at... And to finish, refrain from analyzing me...Wannabe psychologists are dead-wrong & it'll only expose your lack of intelligence...Not even experienced REAL shrinks can start to scratch the surface of my mind, don't make a fool out of yourself!

Now more than ever, communism is our greatest threat. Builder and part-time baller (rocket league)

Aug 2021
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