Voluntaryist, anti-war, Humanist ex-Christian who is tired of being told what to think. I use this to post funny memes about religion along with thoughts I have about religion and the ideas surrounding it. I am not overly concerned with how many viewers I have or how many likes each post gets. What I want from this channel is to articulate my thought about religion and groups like it, and in the process help people who, like me, were trapped in a closed circle of thought and dogmatized to, regardless of the source. I am not interested in and will not tolerate: threats, preaching, spam, MLM scams, anything about Deh Joos, etc. If I see it, I will block you. Whether from a religion, a government, an abusive parent/spouse or just from the absurdity of life, I hope you find something here that will spur you to improve as a person and overcome whatever has been holding you back. For what little it may be worth, I choose to believe that you can improve and move forward if you have a mind to do so.
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My short time on social media has taught me to hate with a vengeance. Because you're judgemental cunts. GOVERNMENTS ARE TERRORISTS. AND MURDERERS. AND THIEVES. AND LIARS. AND JUST OUTRIGHT CUNTS.

First of all, If you truly think that is a free speech platform, well, then you've been misinformed. is no different from Jewbook, Jewtube, Twitter etc etc. This is my alternative acct, simply because this sham of a platform has censored all of my content @Nazilady and many others who support National Socialism WARNING: Please proceed with caution because CUCKservatives, kikes, degenerates, feminists, SJW's, soyboys, communists, self-loathing white liberals, low IQ negroids and useless untermensch will be triggered. NOTE: If there isn't any safespaces available please dial 911 or your local psychiatric unit. FYI: For all of you cuckservatives, commies, trannies, feminists, civic nationalists and ethnomasochists who want to troll my page and downvote my content without giving me any logical explanation only idicates that you are a braindead, NPC, degenerate who is unable to think for himself, so therefore your opinion doesn't matter anyway. I will also BLOCK those who claim to be National Socialists, who, in reality, are only shills who continue to spread more hate, stir up more disruption and cause more infighting within our movement, in addition to all the angry delinquents who have LATCHED themselves to our movement for no other reason than to feel as though they belong to something but never taking the time to educate themselves on exactly what National Socialism constitutes and embodies as a collective entity. Furthermore, I will blast those shills on MINDS and expose them to the community for being an imposture -- DON'T THINK I WON'T SO THINK TWICE BEFORE COMMENTING ON MY CONTENT!!! If you have any questions or concerns regarding my content, I'll be more than happy to answer you and have a civil dialogue with you, but please be respectful and courteous to myself and others. I do not believe in using obscenities simply for the reason that National Socialists hold themselves with the utmost integrity and respect, even with those we may disagree with. However, if you continue to bore me with the same mundane rhetoric and bombast my posts with irrelevancy, more than likely I will tell you to go fuck hard feelings! Now, with that being said, please bear in mind that I oppose anything that is not in accordance to God's natural law, so calling me a racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, antisemetic, neo-nazi has absolutely no stronghold over me. Needless to say, I identify with all of the above and appreciate the compliment wholeheartedly. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Basic Info about me: I'm a self-taught National Socialist woman. I reject conservatives and liberals alike, both are the enemies of America; however one pretends to be your ally, while the other is more honest about being your enemy. Therefore, I have adopted Third Position. Moreover, I'm apart of a highly advanced, underground organization that is dedicated to perserving the existence of our people, and is currently orchestrating the upcoming deathsquads for Bolsheviks, commies and degenerates. Make no mistake about it, our movement is growing exponentially; we're getting smarter, tougher, stronger, angrier and more enraged by the day. Our mission is to execute what Adolf Hitler implemented in 1933. Just like you, I use to buy into this essentially media-driven Jewish victimization, until I began researching for myself. What I found was astounding. Throughout history there are records of Jews being expelled from over a hundred countries, many times due to accusations (and corroborating evidence) of blood rituals performed by Jews on stolen children. The practice was so widespread that world Jewry came up with a legal term to defend themselves against such accusations: Blood Libel. Of course, one can simply ignore all the evidence and dismiss this as some sort of conspiracy. If such was the case, then one lingering cause for such expulsions would still be the fact that Jews tend to segregate other, non-Jewish peoples and live only amongst themselves, usually for supremacist reasons. Then, there is the question of the "Holocaust", which, despite evidence to the contrary and in spite of the absence of proof to support it, still remains a subject that cannot be questioned in over a 100 European countries. Truth does not fear investigation, and that in itself is enough for me to suspect foul play in this story. I want to make this perfectly clear, just like Adolf Hitler, I sincerely believe that every race and culture has the right to survive and remain as an homogenous group and civilization. Also, those who have a (justifiable) hatred for Jews MUST aim their focus at the parasitic Talmudic Zionists/Khazars. Targeting Jews indiscriminately will only repel people from our cause; however trusting any Jew in general is risking the sovereignty of our nation(s) and people. Unfortunately, we are living in dire times and thinking with your heart an

I will post only nice and clean content that anyone can follow and remind... so, #subscribe #vote #comment #remind #peace

A New Kind Of Human
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My Youtube of ±14k was deleted back in 2017 and My Facebook Page of 777k followers in 2018, I will be on Minds which is censorship free moving forward. You can also follow my personal account here @GavinNascimento Website: Patreon: Subscribestar:

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