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My Story Romanian born singer – songwriter KC Bellis started life being orphaned. When she was two years old KC was adopted by a single mother Celina and KC moved to the Motor City with her mother. When KC was a young girl she suffered a hearing loss in both ears and was mostly deaf and went to school for handicapped children. After multiple surgeries on both ears KC regained her hearing where the world of music came alive to her. KC attended The Detroit Institute of Music and Arts in the early – mid 90s where she sang under direction of Freda Ensign in their children’s choir. From here KC’s love of music flourished and she became familiar with music of the 60’s to current hits. KC can sing many genres and these songs became the soundtrack to her emotions and KC started to eat, sleep and live music in her daily life. KC started journaling which allowed her to document and also vent her feelings. Eventually these journals became the basis of her songwriting. KC was also classically trained in Piano, Clarinet, and Chorus in junior high school. KC was vocally coached by a women in her church and music took a very strong hold of her life. In 2000 KC and Celina moved to Clearwater Florida. KC was picked on in school and she turned to substance abuse to forget and escape. Celina sent KC to the Ranch for Kids in Montana where KC learned to cope with her feelings and KC was drug free. KC is a walking, talking, and singing Wiki of music knowledge. She can sing hundreds of songs from memory across most genres from the 60’s to current hits and pulls them off flawlessly. Some of her inspirations are Pink, Linda Perry, Diane Warren, Carol King, Linda Ronstadt, Carly Simon, and many many more. Years later we found KC going to bars and singing Karaoke at every opportunity. At one of these venues KC was approached by a producer that worked with various who were well known. He convinced her to come to his studio and lay down a track and once validated by someone in the industry KC’s writing started to blossom. This fueled KC and she wrote her first album Letters to Nowhere. This album included Know You which was inspired by a failed relationship. A close friend had gotten KC to forgive the person in the failed relationship and in her quest for closure she wrote the title track of the album. Once her heart was lightened by this flood of forgiveness it released her and she started to write more upbeat and fun songs. With her now spunky personality KC decided that there was nothing that could stop her on her quest to become a top artist. With some inspiration of Lady Gaga, KC studied her writing style and it clicked for her. This led to the creation of her latest track C.Y.A. Which is being released in the coming weeks. KC’s goals are to let the youth of the world know that girls and boys like her can have the confidence to know that they can do something great. KC is a firm believer that anyone can do anything they set their minds to. KC believes in letting the world see you for who you are, rather than a made up persona that is displayed by many of the world’s music stars. KC will never hide her true self from anyone and she wants to inspire the youth of the world to do the same.
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Keep metal alive, brothers and sisters! Ana and Bogdan here :) We like to play rock and metal. For us, it is like nothing else on this planet. Making a new song and uploading it for the world to hear it, is what gives us the greatest joy. It's all about bringing new energyand a different feel to our favorite old school classics and popular hits we all love so much. We don't have a planning of the songs we will do in the future. Everything will be spontaneous. You can help with this by sending us suggestions. Also there could be uploads with original music for our band, Magica. You can subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/PowersongStudio also, you can help us make better and more videos, by supporting us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Powersong This is a fully independent total DIY project - from arrangements, recording, mixing&mastering all the way to filming and editing. All done at our home studio (Powersong Studio).  P.S. We may also post funny music related stuff :)
Albany, Oregon, United States
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