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love conspiracy theories, I have dedicated my entire life trying to understand God, immortality, eternity, who we are as eternal souls, the game of life, don't let me be lonely on here, talk to me. I share whatever I feel like including sexiness
Sharing content in the etheric world of the internet of what I do and find interesting
Looking out for the positive in life... aren't you? ;) I like conversing with people, and if you haven't already guessed, I like joking around 😏So hit me up if you're into that. Also like sharing music n travels cuz those are 2 things I love and live by... ♡
accepting donations cashapp @Ryatz Find me here, there and everywhere twitter: @KingBOB_OHM Rarible: https://rarible.com/kingbobohm Instagram: @KingBOB_OHM https://linktr.ee/intellemojience ETH: Being a busy bee cause the devil plays with idle hands. I made this Minds account to serve as my digital portfolio for sketches, illustrations, unfinished beeswax, special herbs and other hors d'oeuvre. I am FANDUMB, KING BOB-⊙HM, LEWDWIG Von BEATOVEN, THUNDEROUS BASTARD Thanks for stopping by
Anti-woke, love freedom.
40’s Australian searching for uncensored news and entertainment 🤔
Lo cortes no quita lo caliente. Honesto, natural, bisex, kinkymind, womenlover, futalover, translover, femboylover. Crossdresser como fetiche en la intimidad. Love, Sex & Culture.
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Dec 2022
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