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❌🇺🇸🇺🇸Hi friends. How are you all? Iam Flora M. Mather🇺🇸🇺🇸❌

Daniel P. Szczuka
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Constructor - Musician - Objectivist - and much more for you to find out!

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Do not comply with unconstitutional laws. I love Oklahoma and you should too!

My main channel is @bobdub. You can find my photos and writing there. This channel is purely social.

neutronboar 🥓
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Welcome! I'm a full time concept artist, illustrator and original content creator on Minds. I've done concept art for multiple indie games, books, stories, small budget movies, YouTube art and whole bunch of Spring merch. I do book covers and profile avatars too. Thank you for visiting and let me know if you need anything! Current rates: €35 per hour.

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Keep on honkin' in the #ClownWorld - Dogecoin tips much appreciated. Use the QR in my profile :)

Pro freedom. Pro free speech. Pro nature. Pro Gun. Anti lockdowns, mandates, censorship, vax passports, and tyranny. Anti identity politics.

Looking out for the positive in life... aren't you? ;) I like conversing with people, and if you haven't already guessed, I like joking around 😏So hit me up if you're into that. Also like sharing music n travels cuz those are 2 things I love and live by... ♡

A spiritual detective, in love with dreams & astraltravels, traditional plant medicine, gardening and dream analysis, exploring all the layers of consciousness. I am passionate about stretching my capacity to integrate a new way of life, on all levels of existence... I am looking forward to making new friends too :) Focus on the light, hold the vision, stay neutral, be in service, be loving, be kind, hold space, have faith, trust, practice compassion, be a living example, the vision is love! https://t.me/astrothemes https://www.rumijai.com https://www.wisdomofdreams.com

Mao began rapping when he would use his rhyming skills to try and flirt with cute girls and pretty teachers. He could write some creative words, but his tongue wasn't able to speak his voice yet. After high school, Mao decided to try something: Mao believed he was smart. Mao went to China on a whim, learning some of the culture while trying to barter for fake Oakley's and PSP games. Mao put his love of rhyme and hip hop to practice; in order to better teach the language, he recorded and critiqued and improved his craft, while always embracing who he was, "Mickey". Upon returning home, Mao completed his degree in Arts Education. Since then, Mao has been speaking the truth and sniffing out bullshit.

Feb 2021
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