My name is KareBuilder I am a wife, mother, business partner of Krazy Bargains Thrift store and builder of Time & Chance LLC. I enjoy making to the most out of what is before me and transforming it to a masterpiece. I grew up in Los Angeles California along with my brother as we were raised by a single teenage mom, we had my grandparents by her side. Even though I didn't have my dad my granddaddy was there he was an excellent cook and I spent plenty of time with him in the kitchen. This led me to try my hand in the kitchen at the age of 11 to make dishes that I was curious about and it helped my mom out from having to come home and prepare dinner after her long day of bus transfers & work. Also, at that age I found myself getting into fitness and food awareness. Always being a stocky kid led me to be self conscience about my weight. So with aerobics which was new back then then, along with Jack Lalane reruns I turned my living room into a workout area for 20-30 minutes and practiced always having water with me during the day( which I still do.) Although cooking & exercise were huge factors of my life for some reason I never pursued it as a career. I graduated from Redlands Adult school later in my life and received my high school diploma. After which I attended Crafton Hills College where I obtained an AA in Sociology. Furthering my sociology major from there I had a brief session with Redlands University, but I left to help run my families first thrift store in 2003. I have always wanted and saw more for myself and now for myself & my family. Eager to learn and take on new skills and follow fresh ideas while putting in the work so that they come to fruition I'm looking forward to what this second half of my journey has for me as i pursue lifelong dreams & goals. Gaining crypto knowledge and learning how it functions as an asset has been essential to me developing into the person I am. I will ever be thankful for the P2G Networks Collective founded by Mrs. Ruby & Alvin Thomas which are helping in furthering along my education.
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