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The jews, and their massive crimes, are the issue of our day: 9/11, the World Wars, the mass-murders of millions of Russians under the guise of Communism. The jews control of our media and our financial system, but they do not control the internet. This gives us the opportunity, and the responsibility to expose their crimes. My Website: http://thetruthtimes.net My Video Channel: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/391VfhXhLTBJ/ You can support this channel here: BTC 1EjmAQJxwCa37CmGhButLtAcT3Ci1k9miU ETH 0x42311Fd98e4E2867E6fe0D39b94507567a5714Dc DASH : XnNRwAEz8FVPjTPYC1BK5nsAzb9rrcwApt XRP rQrQMKhcw3WnptGeWiYSwX5Tz3otyJqPnq Destination tag: 3028902879

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Notizie dagli USA e dal mondo che non trovate sui media tradizionali.

Quote: More Whiskey And Fresh Files For My Men! And Keep The Megabytes a Coming, Matey! ;-) @Brucee = Be Ready Under Critical Extreme Emergencies See cool video: Zombies Hate Preppers, https://youtu.be/I011RThY57U / PRIVACY NOTICE: Warning! The Government is NOT God! Man made Acts and Statutes are NOT Law! Government made acts and statutes are not law! They are a rule of a corporation, and if you do not work for that corporation, their acts and statutes do not apply to you! IE: Whereas neither the government, nor its agents nor its representatives or employees are God, or above God! Any human being who wishes to claim any authority over me must first prove they exist above God; that they are God; that they are between me and God; or that they have a document upon the face of which can be found the verifiable signature of God. Failure to first do one of the above mentioned things means all claims to authority is abandoned or is unlawful. Attempting to exercise any authority over me without first fulfilling one of the four above mentioned requirements is an Unlawful act of fraud and/or extortion!

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