Born just before we landed on the moon. I'm a sometime scholar, mechanic, philosopher, planner, and general pain in the ass to foolishness. I am pragmatic, not ideological, though human progress comes through freedom and equality for all.

I'm here like Diogenes. Only here to piss on those like Alexander or Aristotle. A savage amongst the average man.

Conservative, love science, freedom and individualism. I hate everything related to communism, collective thinking and equity.

Photographer, Activist and Independent Journalist - Always searching for questions Thank you everyone for all your support. And a special thanks to @chesschats @girlfawkes @TeruTeruBozuTNT @r3k4b @MerryBoomer @scotslad @GreenDeen @amazona

AGENT PROVOCATEUR From The DARK SIDE. Do no Evil. Make the World a Better Place.

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Youtuber, BitChuter of the same name. I occasionally make videos about various topics and I'm a supporter of free speech - anti-censorship.

Oct 2020
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