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"I'm Thai, Thai means FREE which means I'm NOT a Slave" I'm Living in the Fake Democracy Country, with the Military Coup its a puppet of that family, and the Freedom of Expression is not acceptable 馃檮馃檮馃檮 PS. I'm the refugee from Twitter that partnership with Thai Junta government.

Paleolibertarian Canadian that lives in its capital. I am bilingual French/English. I enjoy non-mainstream music, beer, weed, psychedelics, and grilled cheeses.. I'm a psychonaut and microdosing expert that loves nature, freedom, and liberty. Well-versed in programming/coding and AI/Machine Learning. I also make way too much music that nobody cares about.

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馃枼 Crypto Believer 鈽 Coffee Maker 馃挭 Fitness Enthusiast 馃幃 Gamer 馃懚 Asian

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Hello everyone. I'm new on this platform. Today my ego is not based on this project, but if you support me, I will make your projects worthy of your pride. To my subscribers. Thank you for your views, votes, comments and reminds. If it wasn't for you interection, this channel wouldn't exist. I hope you enjoy my content, as much as I enjoy yours!

Street art, cityscapes, wandering adventures. Documenting the apocalypse one day at a time live from NYC

Jun 2020
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